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The Abraham Accords In The UAE

The Abraham Accords In The UAE
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Since the signing of the Abraham Accords on September 15, 2020 in the White House, several questions have emerged: What has the UAE gained and what are the risks involved? How do Emiratis view the treaty with Israel? To answer these questions in full, especially those related to Emirati opinion about the peace treaty and “people peace”, otherwise known as “warm peace”, a member of the Emirati delegation that visited Israel and a member of the Israeli delegation that visited the UAE in December 2020, were both interviewed. These unofficial delegates signify the main difference between this peace treaty and those previously agreed in Jordan and Egypt.

What has the UAE gained and what are the risks involved?

The UAE has gained a great deal from this peace treaty including meeting strategic and economic objectives, which prove that this peace treaty is a win-win situation…

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