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Death Toll In Turkey And Syria Passes 25,000. Titanic Efforts From Rescue Teams

Source: Twitter

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What is being called one of the deadliest earthquakes of this century left over 25,000 dead so far and 80,000 injured, mostly in Turkey. 870,000 people are in urgent need of food. The rescue teams are still working around the clock and finding survivors. Syria is being overlooked.

12 people have been arrested in relation to some of the collapsed buildings in Turkey, including Mehmet Yaşar Coşkun, contractor of Rönesans Residence luxury apartments while trying to flee to Montenegro. Bahar Apartments contractor, İbrahim Mustafa Uncuoğlu, was arrested for approving faulty inspections. After more than 6000 buildings have collapsed, the country is realizing the structures were poorly made. The ones responsible didn’t seem to take into consideration the fact that Turkey is part of an area with high seismic activity. The authorities issued arrest warrants for 62 other people.

Turkey has been the most affected country after the tragic earthquake, however, hundreds of thousands of people across northwest Syria were left homeless, and with very little international support. In both countries, there are thousands of damaged and unsafe buildings, and a lack of shelter and basic necessities such as clean water, and food. The UN Refugee Agency believes Syria has over 5.3 million people in urgent need of assistance.

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Dr. Ikram Habbaoush, a member of the Syrian American Medical Society declared they have no food, water, or shelter for the victims. As the hospitals keep filling up with new patients, the doctors in Syria don’t even have the medical equipment required for surgeries, despite claims of aid from other countries.

Professor Carlo Doglioni, President of the National Geophysics Institute of Italy stated that Turkey moved 3 meters toward Greece during the earthquake. The movement can be observed across 100 miles in width on the Anatolian Plate.

Earth split in Turkey. Source Twitter

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres stated they don’t yet know the full extent of the damage. The two countries would need years of repair. It is believed around 23 million people from the two countries have been severely impacted.

Unfortunately, the search and rescue operations are coming to an end, despite rescuers still finding victims who survived beneath the rubble.

  • A toddler was rescued after 135 hours in the rubble.
  • A 70-year-old man was found alive after 121 hours in Kahramanmaras, Turkey.
  • A two-month-old baby was found alive in the rubble after 128 hours. Two hours later, a 4-year-old was found alive in the same building.
Source: Twitter
  • A few hours ago, a 16-year-old boy was found in a building that was completely destroyed. He came out smiling and in good condition.
  • Two teenage girls, 15 and 13 years old, were saved after 10 hours of hard work. The rescuers played their favorite music while digging. When they finally pulled them out, one of the girls said all she wishes for is ice cream.
  • The residents have been giving what little food they have to the rescue teams and are trying to stay as involved as possible.
  • In Syria, a 7-year-old boy was found alive, next to the bodies of his parents and siblings, who had been crushed when the walls collapsed.
  • A father and his 1-year-old son were saved after more than 5 days. They’re now looking for the baby’s mother.
  • An old woman who was rescued said she had already buried 110 members of her family and friends according to Resul Serdar a reporter for Al-Jazeera.
Source Twitter
  • The newborn girl found still attached to her mother was named Aya (meaning Miracle). Thousands of people across the world have been requesting to adopt her.
  • A 17-year-old boy was rescued after a 94-hour operation to set him free. He begged the emergency services to get his cat before pulling him out.
  • A pile of rubble collapsed over the rescue teams while they were attempting to look for survivors. They were rescued in turn by witnesses.
  • A man in Kahramanmaras was found alive after accidentally sending a text to his cousin while sitting on his phone. The text was tracked and rescuers were able to find him.
  • A dog made headlines after she sought the help of locals to save her puppies from the rubble.
  • A 10-day-old baby was found alive, holding a strand of his mother’s hair;
  • In total 16 babies have been saved from the debris and sent to a pediatric hospital in Ankara. All of them have been identified, however, the authorities have not been able to locate their families. Most of them are in stable condition, but two of the babies are premature and require NICU care.
Source: Twitter

News correspondents from around the world are describing the horrendous scenes that are hard to witness. The women’s voices stand out, while they’re desperately trying to find their children.

Many countries are working closely with the Turkish and Syrian authorities. In all, 98 countries have offered some kind of support to Turkey, Syria, or both countries. Turkey refused the help of Cyprus, a country they don’t recognize as an independent state. It was reported the refusal was amicable.

Source Twitter
  • Algeria– rescue teams, 210 tonnes of donations;
  • Afghanistan– $165,000 in aid;
  • Armenia– opened its borders after 30 years to aid humanitarian operations;
  • Australia– rescue teams and paramedics;
  • Bangladesh– rescue teams;
  • Belarus– military aid, rescue teams;
  • Belgium– medics and nurses for a field hospital, donations;
  • Brazil– rescue teams, donations;
  • Bulgaria– 73 rescuers, over 30 units of specialized equipment, 5 dogs;
  • Canada– $10 million, food, emergency fuel, and shelter items;
  • China– $6 million, rescue teams;
  • Cuba– 32 medics;
  • Egypt– 5 planes with urgent medical aid;
  • European Union– supplies, 1150 rescuers, and 70 dogs from 19 countries, including Albania and Montenegro;
  • France-  50,000 diphtheria and tetanus vaccines, rescue teams, dogs, $2 million for Syria;
  • Germany- 50 rescuers and equipment;
  • Greece– rescue teams, dogs, donations;
  • India–  two National Disaster Response Force teams, 100 personnel, dogs, and equipment;
  • Italy– vehicles, and medical operatives;
  • Israel–  150 engineers, medics;
  • Japan– rescue teams, donations;
  • Jordan– medics, equipment;
  • Kuwait– 2 military plains, rescue teams, equipment, relief aid;
  • Lebanon– engineers, waved taxes and fees for humanitarian aid;
  • Malaysia– rescue teams, medics;
  • Norway– $14.5 million;
  • Qatar– rescue teams, winter supplies, hot meals, field hospital;
  • Republika Srpska– 21-member rescue team and search dogs’
  • Romania– donation campaigns, 2 military planes, rescue teams, medics, and rescue dogs;
  • Russia– 300 military personnel in Syria;
  • Ukraine– rescue teams, humanitarian aid;
  • UK– rescue teams, dogs, medics, donations;
  • United Arab Emirates– $50 million for Syria and Turkey each, opened a field hospital;
  • USA– rescue teams, search dogs, and temporarily lifted restrictions on Syria to allow humanitarian aid;
  • Sweden– $2.8 million in aid;
  • Saudi Arabia– medical supplies, humanitarian relief, and other logistical support;
  • Tunisia– 14 tonnes of blankets, baby food, and formula, donation campaign;
Rescue dogs, Source: Twitter

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I’ve read that the HAARP caused the earthquake! Similar to the directed hurricanes that hit Florida recently and other supposedly ‘acts of nature”.


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