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The Agony of The Clowns In Ukraine – $100 Million Spent Lobbying Congress For US AID, Which Came From US AID

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KYIV – We see multiple reports that Zelenskiy and Yermak increased the sum for lobbyists in Washington D.C. trying to obtain financing for the ill-fated regime led by Zelenskiy and Yermak.

“Our source told OP that Zelensky agreed to double the amount to American lobbyists to help push the war and financial aid to Ukraine through Congress. Through this, an additional 100 million dollars will be allocated for lobbying Congress.”

We obtained information that the sums spent by Yermak and Zelenskiy on lobbyists in Washington D.C. were allocated on the following schedule:

  1. October 2023: USD 7 mln
  2. November 2023: USD 50 mln
  3. December 2023: USD 100 mln

We believe that in the situation when the total sum allocated by the USA to the war is estimated at USD 132 bln, out of which USD 68 bln remained in the USA for the subcontractors of the Pentagon, out of which approximately USD 25 bln reached the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, we think, that USD 100 mln is just a small percentage of the money to be laundered in Ukraine by someone in joint efforts from the USA and the ill-fated regime led by Mr. Yermak and Mr. Zelenskiy.

Please, review the pictures below. As we understand now, the meetings in Washington D.C. in Dec 4-5th had zero result. Thus, you see the photos that are worth around USD 100 mln. 3 photos for USD 100 mln. 


The OP is the Office of the President of Ukraine led by the FSB triple agent Yermak, also known in Ukraine as Dermak (a rude play on his name that shows his real managerial nature). Mr. Yermak is known as an agent to various security agencies. He managed to establish a dictatorship in Ukraine. Being an advisor, but not a government official of the government of Ukraine, Mr. Yermak is currently controlling all ministers in the Cabinet of Ministers, the Central Bank, the Ministry of Defense and he also gives orders to the Parliament. 

Here are recent pictures of the visit of Mr. Yermak in Washington D.C. that resulted in zero for regime of Yermak. 

Sources of the pictures: Telegram channel of Andriy Yermak

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