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Lukashenko: Belarus Will Not Hesitate To Use Russian Tactical Nukes If Faced With ‘An Aggression’

Alexander Lukashenko with Vladimir Putin

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Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Tuesday that he will not hesitate to use Russian tactical nuclear weapons, which are in the process of being moved to Belarus if his country faces “an aggression.”

“God forbid I have to make a decision to use those weapons today, but there would be no hesitation if we face an aggression,” Lukashenko said.

During a meeting in Sochi last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin told Lukashenko that tactical nuclear weapons will be delivered to Belarus once the necessary facilities are ready on July 7-8. Putin had announced in March that he would be deploying tactical nukes to be stationed in Belarus under the control of the Russian military.

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While Lukashenko is known for his jingoistic comments, usually corresponding to NATO developments such as announcing that it will be providing additional weapons to Ukraine, the timing of these comments is particularly poignant. His remarks came the same day that the Biden administration announced that it will be sending depleted uranium shells to Ukraine for the first time as part of Washington’s support for Kyiv since the war began.

The administration has been internally debating sending shells for months, but an administration official told the Wall Street Journal that there are “no major obstacles” to providing the depleted uranium shells. The munitions are to be used to equip American-made M1 Abrams tanks, which were transferred to Ukraine by Washington.

It should be noted, that Putin made the decision to station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus when the UK authorized Ukraine to use depleted uranium shells for its Challenger 2 main battle tanks.

As both Russia and Belarus and NATO and its Western allies continue to escalate the rhetoric around the use of nuclear weapons, one can only hope all of the noise never evolves into the actual use of tactical nukes.

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