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Polish Ambassador To France Says His Country Will Go To War With Russia If Ukraine Loses

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Jan Emeryk Rościszewski, Poland’s Ambassador to France, made the startling declaration that Poland would declare war on Russia should Ukraine lose the war. “If Ukraine fails to defend its independence,” the ambassador told French television, “we will have no choice, we will be forced to enter the conflict.”

The statement is another example of the aggressive pro-war policy pursued by NATO and the European Union. It produced shock and outrage in France. Florian Philippot, President of the Les Patriotes Party remarked on Twitter, “Crazy statement from the ambassador of Poland in France: he announces the entry into war of his country against Russia if  Zelensky loses! France embarked with this country via the EU and NATO?! These madmen refuse Peace!”

The Polish Embassy in France quickly denounced the statement of its own ambassador, insisting that the media interpreted the ambassador’s words “out of context.” They claim that in other parts of the interview Rościszewski “clearly says that Poland is not at war, but will do everything to help Ukraine defend itself in this conflict.” Nevertheless, the video is clear that the ambassador stated categorically that Poland would enter the war against Russia if Ukraine is feated. Is Warsaw launching a trial balloon for launching World War III?

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A.B March 20, 2023 at 5:05 am

What ‘Independence’? Ukraine been occupied by hostile alien subversives that hate the people there, many are descendants of the kosher red army members that carried out the Holodomor genocide against the White Ukrainian people, since the Mossad/CIA coup/color revolution against the people there in 2014… regaining their independence would mean removing the kosher occupational government and giving control of their nation back to the Ukrainian people instead of feeding them into a meat grinder to maintain the occupation.


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