Florian Philippot

Macron Moves To Ban Twitter In France To Silence Opposition

With increasing opposition to his authoritarian regime, French President Emmanuel Macron is now moving to enact legislation intended to ban Twitter in France. Under the pretext of protecting minors, the new bill effectively seeks to silence the main social media platform that has served as an uncensored source for reporting on the protests against the Macron regime largely ignored by mainstream media outlets.

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Massive Anti-Globalist Protests Mark May Day In France

Farmers, firefighters, and others joined Union workers as they marched peacefully in protest against the authoritarian regime of President Emmanuel Macron. In addition to protesting the retirement law that the government imposed by dictate, bypassing parliament, the demonstrators called for France to exit the European Union and to end French support for the war in Ukraine. The marchers also condemned police violence, which the Macron regime has escalated against its own people throughout the Spring.

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Massive Anti-Globalist Protests Rock France

Over 3.5 Million protesters turned out throughout France today, with over 700,000 in the capital of Paris alone, in a massive anti-globalist protest against the Macron regime dubbed #BlocageDeLaFrance. While the mainstream media is billing it as a protest against the government’s pension reform plan, the protesters’ other demands include halting the destruction of France’s energy sector, an end to the war in Ukraine, and an end to the totalitarian Covid policies adopted by the government.

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