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Macron Enacts BlackRock-Inspired Retirement Reform By Dictate

Protests in France as Government Imposes Controversial Reform by dictate, via Twitter

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As Tsarizm previously predicted, Macron used article 49.3 of the French constitution to ignore the will of the people and to enact the controversial French retirement reform package designed with the help of the globalist investment fund, BlackRock. Since he came to power, Macron has acted as an agent of the globalist elites, fostering close ties to the international globalist finance community to the detriment of the French people.

Using these dictatorial powers to enact the law and bypass a vote in parliament denied the elected representatives of the French people the chance to express their views on the matter. As the reform is opposed by nearly 80% of the population, the Macron regime has clearly thumbed its nose at its own people.

Protests in France as Government Imposes Controversial Reform by dictate, via Twitter

Protests are expected to continue in the coming days. If previous protests are any indication, the government is likely to escalate its use of violence to subdue political dissent.The only recourse left to the opposition, apart from an uprising against an oppressive regime, is for parliament to pass a vote of no-confidence in the government.

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Opposition politicians on both the right and left are calling for a vote of no-confidence in the Macron regime. It remains to be seen if they can unite to bring down the government. Former presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Rally parliamentary group, told reporters, “We are going to vote for the motions of no-confidence to censure this government which has decided to move with force to impose this reform.”

Florian Philippot, President of the Les Patriotes Party, tweeted, “71% of French people want a non-partisan vote of no-confidence vote! 71%! People are furious, the anger is immense, intense! Any deputy who refuses to vote for it will be considered a traitor to France!” Communist member of parliament Fabien Roussel also expressed the left’s support for the motion of no-confidence.

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