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Massive Anti-Globalist Protests Mark May Day In France

Police Attacking Protesters In Paris, via Twitter

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May Day in France was marked by massive anti-globalist protests in Paris and across the country. Over 2.3 million people turned out, with over 600,000 in the capital alone according to estimates from Union organizers, making this the largest May Day protest in France in over thirty years.

The mainstream media outside of France either ignored the protests altogether or distorted the motives of the protesters, claiming that all the demonstrators are upset about is the government’s raising the retirement age in the country from 62 to 64. This is an intentional tactic on the part of the globalist media to undermine support for the protesters outside the country by making them appear ridiculous in the eyes of the international public.

Protesters in France, via Twitter

Farmers, firefighters, and others joined Union workers as they marched peacefully in protest against the authoritarian regime of President Emmanuel Macron. In addition to protesting the retirement law that the government imposed by dictate, bypassing parliament, the demonstrators called for France to exit the European Union and to end French support for the war in Ukraine. The marchers also condemned police violence, which the Macron regime has escalated against its own people throughout the Spring.

Florian Philippot, head of the Les Patriotes Party, tweeted, “Thousands and thousands of French protest against Macron, the EU, NATO, all of the corrupt oligarchy!” Another demonstrator explained that the French people are beginning to realize that the war in Ukraine “is taking its toll on French cost of living and purchasing power, with energy, food, and fertilizers’ prices skyrocketing.”

Protesters in France, via Twitter

Protesters burned Macron in effigy and banged pots and pans to express their anger with the regime after French authorities outlawed the use of hand-held audio devices, such as bullhorns at protests. Thousands chanted “Out of NATO quickly!” Only the day before, French President Emmanuel Macron had reiterated France’s commitment to provide “all necessary assistance to Ukraine in order to restore its sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Macron Burned In Effigy, via Twitter

The protests turned violent after Macron’s security forces charged at the protesters and beat them to the ground using truncheons. The gendarmes also used water cannons, tear gas, riot guns, and stun grenades in their attempts to crush any opposition to the regime. Police violence throughout the spring has sparked outrage in France as the Macron Regime has had to resort to force to impose its will. In many cases, protesters have been left with no choice but to fight back against the violent means employed by the authorities.

One policeman was set afire after being hit by a Molotov cocktail, while a protester had his hand blown off by a police stun grenade. Dozens of protesters and over 100 police were injured in the riots. The authorities arrested 291 people across the country. They also employed drones in the capital and in other French cities to use facial recognition technology to identify opponents of the regime for later action.

Police Attack Demonstrators in Paris, via Twitter

Mainstream French media tried to portray the protesters as initiating the violence, showing video footage of a gendarme being knocked unconscious as his platoon came under heavy fire from projectiles and fireworks. It was later shown that he was knocked out by one of his fellow officers who threw a stun grenade that inadvertently landed on his own men.

Macron’s government also made use of the so-called “Black Blocs,” an Antifa-like group. Thousands of these thugs, many coming from outside France, joined the protests to vandalize shops and provoke disorder in an attempt to discredit the protesters. Leaders of CDFT, France’s largest union, condemned the presence of these terrorist groups, saying “Our march is being manipulated by violent groups that have nothing to do with the battles we are waging.” One protester, Jean-Louis Pétraud, a retired teacher, told Le Monde: “I don’t condone violence but I understand it. Macron only knows how to be contemptuous. Whenever he talks to people, he looks down on them, like they’re fools. It is King Macron, in the pay of Europe and big money. There has never been such a rejection of a president in the history of the Fifth Republic.”

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