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Spain To Send Four Additional Leopard 2 Tanks To Ukraine

Leopard 2A4 Tank

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According to Spanish Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, Madrid will be sending 4 additional Leopard 2A4 tanks to Ukraine along with more infantry vehicles. That is in addition to the 6 Leopard tanks that Spain is already in the process of preparing to ship to Kyiv.

The promise of sending additional tanks was made by Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, several weeks ago during his second visit to Ukraine since the outbreak of the war with Russia. Germany is the only other country besides Spain that has offered to send additional tanks.

In addition to the Leopards, Spain will also be providing new TOA M-113 infantry vehicles, but a specific number of vehicles has yet to be announced.

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The Spanish military has already trained 55 Ukrainian personnel, enough people for approximately 10 tank crews, on how to operate the Leopard tanks.

While numerous Western countries in both Europe and North America have sent military aid in the form of tanks, artillery shells, other ammunition, and equipment, the continuing support for the Ukrainian military is beginning to take a toll on the contributing countries’ militaries as the war enters its second year.

Earlier this month, Britain’s Defence Select Committee warned that the UK was running “dangerously low” on ammunition after sending military aid to Kyiv.

“It is clear that the UK and its NATO Allies have allowed ammunition stockpiles to dwindle to dangerously low levels,” the committee’s report stated. The report also concluded that it could take more than a decade to replace ammunition stores.

The additional tanks are being sent to Ukraine as its military is struggling in the eastern city of Bakhmut. According to the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD), the PMC Wagner group has taken half of that city.

In addition to the battle for Bakhmut, Ukraine has also seen massive air strikes in recent weeks. One such attack earlier this month on Ukrainian infrastructure involved 90 Russian missiles and drones in one day and killed at least 6 people.

As things continue to escalate with the war, concerns are mounting that Ukraine’s Western allies are going to be forced to become further involved at a time when their military stocks are depleted and at dangerously low levels.

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