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Russia’s Natural Population Decline To Hit 11-Year Record In 2019

Russia’s Natural Population Decline To Hit 11-Year Record In 2019

Russia’s natural population decline will set an 11-year record this year as the country’s demographic crisis shows no signs of letting up, the RBC news website reported Friday. 

Russia’s overall population totaled 146.7 million in January-September 2019, the State Statistics Service Rosstat said in a report last week. While migrant inflows had offset its natural population decline in previous years, in 2018, Russia’s total population dropped for the first time in a decade as migration numbers hit record lows…

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pc_PHAGE June 2, 2020 at 4:44 pm

Nobody will talk about the elephant in the demographic room of population decline.
The pill+abortion is great for the individual woman but it is destructive in the extreme to society.
Some West European countries may lose their culture because of them when their Muslim populations surpass the natives.
Doesn’t any body study this issue.?
Is it done in secret?
The academics are all Leftist SOB’s. So that’s a good reason.
IMO, the US & EU are becoming increasingly unstable and they are going to devolve into violence and chaos.
At some point the Chinese are going to make a move for total hegemony.
Russia will need lots of kids in the pipeline to become soldiers.
The only way to do that is to ban the pill+abortion.
It’s a Russian national emergency.
I support dictatorial powers for Russian leaders.
It’s the only way to bypass the women’s vote and put a ban into effect.
[Am I full of crap?]


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