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Orban On Ukraine: “We Want A Ceasefire And Peace Talks”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban via Twitter

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In an interview on Hungarian State Radio on Wednesday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban warned against escalating the conflict in Ukraine. He also reiterated Hungary’s position of neutrality in the war.

Orban noted how European nations have stumbled into the conflict: “It started with the Germans saying they were willing to send helmets because they wouldn’t send lethal weapons into the war since that would mean participation in it. This is where we started. Now, we’re at battle tanks, and they’re already talking about planes.”

Sanctions Are Costing The Hungarian Economy Almost As Much As The Personal Income Tax Paid By All Hungarians

“If you send weapons, if you finance the entire annual budget of one of the belligerents,” the Hungarian Prime Minister pointed out, “if you promise more and more weapons, more and more modern weapons, then you can say whatever you want. No matter what you say, you are in the war.”

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He criticized the European Union for imposing sanctions on Moscow, noting their ineffectiveness. “Germany will lose a whole Hungary’s worth of economic output because of Brussels’ failed sanctions,” Orban emphasized, adding that “these sanctions are costing the Hungarian economy almost as much as the personal income tax paid by all Hungarians.”

Hungary’s Security Comes First

“We have made it clear that Hungary’s security comes first, and therefore Hungary is not at war with anyone,” Orban told Hungarian national radio. “We want a ceasefire and peace talks.”

“This is a war, a conflict that should be localized, not internationalized,” Orban added, “and Hungary will do everything in its power to bring peace.”

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