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Ethnic Hungarians Being Used As Cannon-Fodder By The Ukrainian Regime

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The Zelensky Regime is using Soviet-style tactics to fill its depleted military ranks, forcibly conscripting Hungarians and other ethnic minorities from the Transcarpathia region. On a visit to the United Nations, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó declared, “Hungarians also die in this war since Hungarians living in Transcarpathia are being conscripted into the Ukrainian army, too. We’ve seen some footage in recent days of how brutal this sometimes is.” The Hungarian Foreign Minister added that many of the mobilized Hungarians are dying in the war.

Ukrainian forces have reportedly suffered heavy losses in recent weeks, losing hundreds of troops daily in fighting in the Donbas region. To replenish their forces, Ukrainian authorities in Transcarpathia are carrying out their largest mobilization since the beginning of the conflict. They have resorted to forcibly conscripting Hungarians, Roma, and other ethnic minorities and placing them into front-line units where they are used as cannon fodder.

Forced Conscription: “apprehended, handcuffed, and then placed in police vehicles, not to be seen again.”

Reports coming out of Kiev say that Zelensky’s Regime is planning to take as many as 10,000 people from Transcarpathia into the army in the coming months. Reports from the region say that Ukrainian police and soldiers have raided coffee shops and public establishments and seized anyone who is young and healthy off the streets in cities near the Hungarian border. They are apprehended, handcuffed, and then placed in police vehicles, not to be seen again.

The ethnic minorities seized in this manner are assigned to front-line regiments, where they are used as cannon fodder by Ukrainian commanders. A recent example of this is the heavy losses suffered by the 128th Transcarpathian Mountain Assault Brigade near Soledar in the Donetsk People’s Republic.

It should be noted that the borders of Ukraine were artificially constructed in the aftermath of the Soviet takeover of large portions of land belonging to Eastern European countries, especially Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania, at the end of World War II. While those countries were compelled by NATO to recognize officially the artificially constructed borders of Ukraine following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the fact remains that they are occupied lands with large ethnic minorities who have no historical allegiance to Ukraine.

Zelensky’s Government has been actively pursuing a policy of ethnic cleansing

Zelensky’s Government has been actively pursuing a policy of ethnic cleansing. It adopted a law on ethnic minorities in December that is in direct violation of European and international norms that seeks to assimilate the minority populations by denying them the right to education or even worship in their national languages. The move has been condemned by some, but many governments are fearful of taking a strong stance on the issue because of U.S. and EU support for the regime in Kiev as it fights their proxy war against Russia.

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Hungary, however, has courageously denounced the Ukrainian law that discriminates against non-Ukrainians in education and in other spheres of public life. “If Ukraine doesn’t bring back the minority rights it had before 2014,” Szijjártó declared, “Hungary will not support Ukraine.”

The Soviet Union had for decades engaged in a policy of ethnic cleansing in these areas, committing genocide against the ethnic minorities in the region and forcibly deporting hundreds of thousands more to Siberia and other parts of the Soviet Union. Now the government in Kiev is continuing these policies through its policy of forced conscription.

Reminiscent of the Soviet-style tactics, Zelensky is using the war to escalate his policy of ethnic cleansing, hoping to reduce the minority populations in his western provinces by using them as front-line combat troops. These actions against ethnic minorities in Ukraine must be condemned as a war crime.

Szijjártó: “we are in the 25th hour, and we must focus on peace”

In a stark warning to world leaders, Péter Szijjarto declared, “We are not at war with anybody, we do not want to be at war with anybody. This is not our war, the most important thing now is for us to stay out of this war. Perhaps all this looks different from many hundred or thousand kilometers away or from the other side of the ocean, but believe me, we who live next door see the situation as a very serious one. Please take this message from a next-door neighbor: this war must end without delay because we are in the 25th hour, and we must focus on peace.”

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