Leaked Intel: Russia Can Fund War In Ukraine For At Least Another Year

Among other rather unsavory revelations from the trove of Pentagon materials leaked by Airman Jack Teixeira, it has been discovered that the Biden administration’s efforts to slow Putin’s war in Ukraine by imposing sweeping sanctions on Russia are failing. According to the classified assessments, U.S. intelligence believes that Putin can afford to fund Russia’s war in Ukraine for at least another year. The assessments confirm what many in the West already knew to be true – economic sanctions are having little effect on Russia’s war.

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Project Europe Survey: Europeans Want A Peaceful Settlement Of Ukraine Conflict Now!

If political leaders in Brussels and Washington were interested in democracy, they would pay attention to the desires of their own constituents. While claiming the war is about “democracy” in Ukraine, they ignore democracy in their own countries. Based on the results of the new Project Europe survey, it is clear that Europeans expect their leaders to work towards a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine as soon as possible and to bring a quick end to the war.

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