Baltic Foreign Ministers Reaffirm Solidarity With Kyiv, Denounce Russia Troop Buildup On Ukrainian Border

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The Baltic nations have long memories of being under the Soviet boot, and voiced such concern during a visit of their foreign ministers to Kyiv, the capitol of Ukraine, last week in solidarity with the former Soviet republic.

The foreign ministers of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia were unanimous that such actions by Russia are significantly increasing threats to the region’s security and could potentially trigger a further escalation of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, reported The Baltic Times.

The visit by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the three Baltic States to Kyiv on April 15, 2021 has been organized to reaffirm solidarity with Ukraine and express support for its sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders.

During the meeting with Ukrainian officials Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics together with his Estonian and Lithuanian counterparts voiced the opinion that Russia’s aggressive rhetoric, and propaganda and disinformation activities are unacceptable and alarming. In discussions with its European colleagues and NATO allies, Latvia will further highlight the need for sending strong messages to Russia to give a warning about serious consequences in the case of possible military aggression against Ukraine.

Russia denies escalating tensions and states NATO, and the globalist Deep State are stoking tensions with the Russian Federation. Moscow declares it is simply responding to such provocation.

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