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Sweden Hints It Would Support NATO In Baltic War With Russia

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Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist hinted the Nordic country would join NATO in a military conflict in the Baltic Sea with the Russian Federation. Hultqvist made the comments in an interview with BNS.

“If something happens in our part of Europe, we think that in some way all of us will be involved. So we must prepare for situations where we need interoperability, where we need close contacts and where we need the possibility to operate together,” Hultqvist stated.

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“Hultqvist said that, regardless of Sweden’s NATO membership, cooperation with neighboring countries is crucial in the effort to further improve the capacities of national armies,” wrote The Baltic Times.

“From a non-Allied perspective, you can do this. We are not changing our military doctrine,” he said.

“But I think the most important thing is to discuss what we can do together in this area Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden and all these countries. What can we do together, (is) to prepare so we can handle a crisis situation together but also to make threshold higher, so this crisis situation will not be a reality.”

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Sweden became alarmed and deployed massive resources to hunt for an alleged Russian submarine that had penetrated Swedish National waters. The hunt came up empty and Moscow mocked the effort.

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