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EU Council President Tusk Warns Poland Could ‘Accidentally’ Leave The Union

Image by EU2017EE Estonian Presidency
Donald Tusk, President, European Council

The president of the European Council, and former prime minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, tried to scare Poles into distrusting the Polish ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS), by declaring the Central European nation could ‘accidentally’ leave the European Union over its fight with Brussels over migrants, and justice reform.

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“The issue is that Cameron also had no plan to take the UK out of the EU. And the will [among member states] to keep Poland inside the EU is smaller than the will to keep the UK in it.

“This issue is incredibly serious, the risk is deadly serious, I want everybody to come to their senses.

“It does not matter to me whether [Law and Justice Party (PiS) leader] Jarosław Kaczyński plans to leave the EU or just initiates some processes that lead to that outcome,” Tusk added during a visit to Warsaw, Poland, on Monday, reported Breitbart News.

Poland has so far outmaneuvered the European Parliament by continuing the removal of judges that have ties to former communist rule in the country. In addition, Poland has not accepted any more economic ‘refugees’ from North Africa or the Middle East, as agree to by Tusk when he maintained power.

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The fight between the ‘Visegrad’ nations of Central Europe and socialist, open-borders countries in the West, looks to be another prominent theme in European politics going forward into 2019. It will be interesting to see how far Brussels will go in trying to dominate Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic regarding the contentious issue.

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