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Russia To Sign Further Agreements With China Regarding ‘Digital Partnership’…Censorship Anyone?

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The Russian government announced today that it will sign more long-term agreements with China in terms of digital partnership. Since China is well-known for its internet firewall of censorship, aided and abetted by American hi-tech companies, this means Russia could be importing more of China’s censoring technology.

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Russia plans to present a draft digital cooperation program to the Chinese side in the spring of 2019, Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media Alexei Volin said at a Russian-Chinese media forum in Shanghai on Sunday.

“The Russian side will start working at the digital cooperation program so that the draft will be submitted to the Chinese side in the spring, and that it could be signed at the next meeting of the humanitarian cooperation commission in the summer,” he said.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov unveiled plans to develop a Russian-Chinese media cooperation program in the digital field at the plenary session of the forum earlier on Sunday. He explained that the program initially planned for two years should be aimed at the formation of a common digital environment favorable for the development of the two countries’ media outlets, implementation of joint projects, and strengthening of joint positions on global markets, wrote Russian state news outlet TASS.

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Volin mentioned “joint forums, meetings of representatives of online platforms, consultations and presentations of developed content to each other for distributing in the digital area, media literacy, production of technological equipment and software for online services, consultations and cooperation between TV, radio channels and other traditional media, dealing with young people, as well as issues related to education and training of media experts” as the main areas of the future Russian-Chinese program of media cooperation.

In 2016 the Kremlin announced it was rapidly moving to adopt Chinese technology to control the internet.

The “great firewall” of Russia began being built with the Kremlin’s recent decision to block LinkedIn. “China remains our only serious ‘ally,’ including in the IT sector,” a source in the Russian information technology industry told The Guardian, adding, “we are in fact actively switching to Chinese,” reported UPI.

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