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Kremlin Nightmare – Over Half Of Russian Population Ready To Protest Over Pension Reform

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The independent, Russian pollster Levada released a survey this week which shows over half the population of the Russian Federation is ready to protest over the Kremlin’s proposed pension reform which substantially raised the retirement age to levels in line with the developed world.

The Curious Case Of Russian Pension Reform

53% of Russians are ready to join the protests against raising the retirement age, RBC reports referring to the results of a poll conducted by the Levada Center. 37% of respondents are not going to participate in the shares, reported Russian state news outlet Kommersant.

If the referendum on pension reform was held in the nearest time by the time of the poll, 77% of respondents would vote for retention of the current retirement age, against 10%. 7% would not participate in the referendum, 1% – would spoil the bulletin. Another 1% would come to a vote, but they have not yet decided with a choice.

The survey was conducted on August 23-30 among the urban and rural population. It was attended by 1.6 thousand people over 18 years of age from 136 localities in 52 regions.

Video: Not Impressed With Putin’s Changes To Pension Reform In Russia

Retirement age would rise to 65 for men and 63 for women from the current 55 years of age. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently softened that number slightly in an attempt to prop up his falling approval rating. Russians have protested in large numbers since the measure was announced. Many see the changes as ‘theft’ from the people by a corrupt regime since Russian life expectancy is much lower than in the West.

The Kremlin states the changes are necessary due to demographic shifts and a lack of resources. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

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