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Ukraine’s Military Is Back

Image by Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

It is indisputable that the main criterion for assessing the armed forces of any country is its ability to effectively perform tasks under wartime conditions. Nevertheless, the ability to use the defense budget as efficiently as possible can be an equally important way of assessment—when each unit of investment can achieve the greatest possible positive net effect. This approach is especially useful to understand the changes that have taken place in Ukraine’s armed forces since 2014.

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Since the start of confrontation with Russia, Ukraine’s defense spending has increased several times. In 2013, the budget of the armed forces of Ukraine was 15.2 billion hryvnia; in 2017, this figure was 64.4 billion hryvnia. In 2018, Ukraine has allocated a record 86.14 billion hryvnia for defense needs. However, such a spectacular growth looks less radical if you present the dynamics of the Ukrainian defense budget in dollar terms. Ukraine spent $1.9 billion on defense in 2013, $2.35 billion in 2017 and $3.02 billion in 2018. In dollar terms, the military’s budget has not seen a significant increase over the last four years…

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