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Ukrainian MP Demands Investigation Into Clinton/DNC Collusion With Ukraine During 2016 US Presidential Election

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An independent member of the Ukrainian parliament has demanded an investigation into collusion between the Ukrainian government and the Democratic Party to prevent Donald Trump from being elected to the presidency of the United States. Andrei Derkach sent a letter in late July to Ukraine’s prosecutor general requesting authorities look into “illegal interference in the election of President of the United States organized by a criminal organization,” reported Politico.

“Only a transparent and thorough investigation into the unlawful interference of Ukrainian officials with the U.S. election campaign can restore the trust of our strategic partner,” wrote Derkach.

Tsarizm editor-in-chief broke the news in the Washington Times in August of 2016 that the evidence reported in the New York Times was possibly manufactured in order to tarnish Trump’s then campaign director, Paul Manafort. Subsequent inquiries into the matter to the Ukrainian National Corruption Bureau yielded the following statement.

Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Unit Washes Hands Of Manofort Investigation

It would seem likely that the special prosecutor’s office investigating possible Trump-Russia collusion should look into this matter as well; howver, there is no evidence that former FBI Director Mueller is doing so. A refusal to look into DNC collusion with a foreign government, where there is actual eveidence of possible wrongdoing, would make the Trump probe just what the president has called it, a witch hunt.

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