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Russian Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin To Meet Moldovan President Dodon In Iran After Romania Denies Overflight

Image by Russian Presidential Press and Information Office

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin will meet Moldovan President Igor Doyon in Tehran at the inauguration of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on August 5th. NATO member Romania denied overflight privileges to a Russian aircraft carrying Rogozin to meet with Doyon in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau recently. Rogozin was also going to meet with officials in the breakaway region of Transdniester, where Russia still maintains 1,500 troops.

Romania and Moldova are linked by culture, language, and history and it seems Russian efforts to destabilize and harass Moldovan diplomats due to their preference to move closer to the European Union has angered other Eastern European nations in the region.

“We will be together with him at the inauguration of the new Iranian President Rouhani in Tehran and we plan to meet with him on the sidelines of these celebrations. Of course, there will be a serious talk, we need guarantees, more patience, and we can no longer trust in the guarantees of these narrow-minded nationalists. We need clear guarantees that will ensure a normal dialogue,” Rogozin told Rossiya-24 broadcaster, reportsd Russian international news agency Sputnik.

The Moldovan president Igor Doyon is seen as a politician installed by the Russian security services and their actions in Moldova. One of Doyon’s first official actions was to fly to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Dodon wants to move Moldovan policy closer to Russia’s orbit and influence.

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