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Czech Minister Says Deploy EU Military To Libya To Control Migrants

Czech Minister Says Deploy EU Military To Control Migrants
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The Arab Spring unleashed by American President Barack Obama, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and groups funded by George Soros has unleashed Hell on the European Continent. Wave after wave of tens of thousands of migrants are still landing on Europe’s southern shores. By accepting them, Europe is committing cultural suicide.

The foreign minister of the Czech Republic, Lubomir Zaoralek, says it is time to call the phenomenon what it is, an invasion, and to use the military to fight it.

“We must speak very openly what the real instruments are to stabilize Libya.” said Zaoralek to the Austrian Press Agency while in Vienna on Thursday that Europe needs to find a way “to consolidate the country” instead of just waiting for it to happen, reported Associated Press.

Eastern Europe has stood alone inside the European bloc as the one group of nations that has the foresight to call the invasion what it really is and to propose active, firm measures to combat the migration, and its consequences. The former Soviet satellites have been uniform in refusing to submit to the secular, progressive agenda of open borders and cultural destruction.

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