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Latvian MEP Says Brussels Is Arrogant

European Parliament Member Andrejs Mamikins, from Riga, Latvia, said that Brussels has become arrogant and this is making Europeans dissatisfied, with consequences being seen all over Europe.

“We are already seeing the first signals of this, including the referendum in Italy. This one of the reasons we are seeing a rise in the popularity of the far right in Europe,” he said in an interview with the Baltic News Service.

According to Mamikins, the “old system cannot exist anymore.” He mentioned the victory of Donald Trump, Brexit, and the rise of populists across Europe as evidence of this fact.

Regarding the Russian threat and how the new American administration will deal with the issue, Mamikins stated that most U.S. newly elected presidents try to improve relations with the Russian Federation. He also commented, “We will see what happens during Trump’s term in office. Let us just say I am not blinded by hope. If he is able to come to an agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin on just Syria, this to me would already be a huge achievement.”

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