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Bulgaria Says It Will Protect Its Border From Turkey Release Of Migrants

Bulgaria Says It Will Protect Its Border From Turkey Release Of Migrants

Turkey has been threatening to unleash migrants on the European Union if the EU doesn’t allow the Muslim politicking inside the bloc for Turkish populations. The EU, and especially the nation of Bulgaria, seem to be taking the threat seriously.

“We are ready to protect the country’s border in the way provided for in our legislation,” Bulgaria’s Defence Minister Stefan Yanev said on a visit to the border town of Malko Tarnovo, reports AFP.

“The aim of our visit is to inspect the new protective barriers and assess and update the plans for protecting the border.”

Bulgaria is angry at Turkey’s open support for Dost, a party for the ethnic Turkish minority, which is running in the Bulgarian general elections for the first time. Multiple other EU members have prevented Turkey from actively supporting local Turkish minorities in their politicking in local elections. The most famous of these was the dispute with the Netherlands which actually prevented Turkish officials from flying into the country. It seems Turkey has a plan to take over European elections by exporting Turks into the Eurozone.

The government in Sofia summoned Turkey’s ambassador and recalled its own envoy from Turkey for consultations on Thursday.

Sofia slammed Ankara for encouraging Bulgarian citizens living in Turkey — who number some 200,000 — to vote for Dost. It called the move “direct interference in Bulgarian domestic affairs”.

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