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Putin Is Convinced Russia’s Future Is Bright

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that the country faces a bright future, reads the statement on the Kremlin website. In the Kremlin  on the Day of Russian Science Putin gave President Prize in Science and Innovation for Young Scientists 2016.

 “When I’m listening to our winners, I do not just listen – I admire how and what they say. Once again, I want to emphasize with an idea that came to me and which is a very simple, but very good idea. The fundamentals of our country are so profound and so deeply rooted that her great future is inevitable “, – Putin said at the ceremony.

The significance of this holiday goes beyond the scientific community, the president said.

“Russian science, its traditions, school, unique achievements, of course, is not only nationwide, but it is also world heritage in scientific thought – it’s part of our common culture, civilization, and the history of scientific ideas – a symbol of progress and forward movement,” – said Putin.


President Prize in Science and Innovation for Young Scientists Of Russia  – the award was established in 2008 and awarded for the results of scientific research, making a significant contribution to the development of natural, technical sciences and humanities, as well as for the design of new equipment and advanced technologies, providing innovative development of economy and social sphere, strengthening the country’s defense. The winners of the 2016 awards were researchers working in the fields of physics, mathematics and medicine.

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