Russia Claims It Had Full ‘Support’ From China During Wagner Rebellion

According to the AFP, Russians in some large cities have reported mixed emotions such as “sympathy” and “relief” after the head of Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, mounted a short-lived armed rebellion that made its way halfway to Moscow from the Rostov region on Saturday before Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko mediated a ceasefire between Prigozhin and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Kremlin: Grain Deal To Expire In July, ‘No Chance’ Of Extension

Despite his ongoing war with Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has continued to allow Kyiv to export grain through the Black Sea via the Black Sea Grain Initiative, which Putin has allowed to be extended previously. However, in remarks last week his patience with the deal appeared to be dwindling as he told journalists, “Probably, for the guys who are fighting, it’s not clear why we are letting the grain through. I understand.” As the July 17 expiration date for the current extension approaches though, Putin’s patience appears to have run out.

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