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Latvia Confirms Russian Sub, Warship Close To Border

Russian submarine confirmed near LatviaA Russian military ships and submarines were seen again near the Latvian border, the country’s National Armed Forces (NAF) said on Sunday.

“In the Latvian exclusive economic zone 1o miles off the NAF territory waters, today (on September 3), were identified Russian Navy’s submarines of the Kilo and Finik classes,” NAF twitted, reports Russian state news agency TASS.

Later in the day, NAF also claimed near the Latvian border – 22 miles off it, was seen a Parchim class corvette and in 23 miles – a submarine.

In the Latvian exclusive economic zone 20 marine miles off the territory waters, NAF identified a Russian vessel for submarine technical support SS-750 of the Kashtan class.

The Latvian Defense Ministry said Russian military aircraft and vessels approached the republic’s borders in 2015 more than 270 times, in 2014 – more than 250 times.

Russia’s Ambassador to Latvia Alexander Veshnyakov earlier said all flights of the Russian military aircraft and movement of the vessels are made in strict compliance with the international legal norms.

Originally posted at TASS

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