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Russia completes in record time a new mobile artillery system after its predecessor failed to perform in the Donbass

Russia builds new mobile artillery in record time.A new mobile artillery system named “Flox” (above) was recently unveiled at an arms trade show. The weapon system consists of a 120 mm cannon capable of firing all forms of artillery, howitzer, and mortar rounds at that caliber. The cannon is mounted on the Ural all-terrain platform and has operational range from 100 meters to 10 kilometers, reports TsarGrad TV.

The need for this is system and its accelerated development (first designs date to 2014) was discovered when its predecessor of the “Nona” type mounted on treads was deemed to be insufficiently mobile over all terrain conditions in the Donbass operations. This new addition to the Russian land forces is in line with Russia’s rapid modernization of its military capabilities.

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