POINT COUNTER POINT 2/2: As Minsk II Fades Ukraine Derails UN Peace Meeting And Slides Toward War In Donbass

As Minsk II Fades Ukraine Derails UN Peace Meeting And Slides Toward War In Donbass
War in Donbass
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On December 2, the Russian Permanent Mission to the UN held a Formula Arria Security Council meeting on the implementation of the Minsk Agreements for the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

If you want to understand what’s being done to Trump’s administration today, grasping what developed in Ukraine and how it rebooted against the Trump presidency after its success against Donbass and Russia is the first step.

What marks this Arria Formula meeting as significant is over the last seven years, this is the first time representatives of what’s been labeled by Biden’s Ukraine as barbarous rebels have been able to voice what really happened after Ukraine’s Maidan.

After listening to the meeting and reading the transcript I can only attest that what they say is an exercise in understatement once you understand the magnitude of what Donbass faced at the time.

After the events of the last 4 years in the US, it’s not hard for you to envision this reality any more.

Imagine riots are going on in your nation’s capital and other major cities are burning as masked armed political militants rampage through your cities. These saviors of democracy beat, kill, and threaten the population. Not so hard to understand anymore, is it?

Just before and after that fateful day on February 22nd 2014 when the government fell in Kiev, this was going on across Ukraine. As you scroll through those articles you’ll find the war in Donbass was planned by SCL-Cambridge Analytica before the coup even occurred. This is the same company whose methodologies developed the Trump-Russia and DNC Hack stories, the media circus, and agency cooperation to overthrow Trump’s presidency.

Now imagine waking up after February 22nd and finding your city and regional (think state government) officials packed up and left during the night. There’s no one left representing you or administering state services. If something isn’t done, the entire region including major cities with populations close to 1 million people will descend into chaos.

That’s what the people who picked up the pieces in Donbass faced on their own while beating back large groups of neo-nazis rampaging and trying to take control of densely populated areas.

At the same time, they worked to keep the state and city services running. They kept the hospitals open. Upholding Ukrainian laws, they kept the criminals off the streets and people safe.

They provided continuity of government after the Ukrainian government abandoned them. They extended the services to all the towns and rural villages.

The citizen defense groups raided the armories after the neo-nazis came from Kiev with automatic rifles. That was when militias were formed in Donbass.

At the same time, they tried to keep communication with the new national government which was ignoring them. 

The only time and way the new national government answered them was to deliver tanks to the neo-nazis and start a war the neo-nazis demanded and that threatens to flare up again today as the Minsk II agreement ends on December 8th

The Ariia meeting was a proposal to reopen dialogue in a nonbinding UN format and was promptly slammed by Kiev and their Minsk guarantors, Germany and France. For the first time, an Ariia meeting was declined broadcast inside the UN even though almost 20 nations took part in it.

Kiev’s position is clear. They are hoping Biden will take office and support a new war effort on US tax dollars. Kiev is hoping if Joe Biden is inaugurated he will keep his promise when he said tell Russia I’m coming.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s Ukraine has reformed so much in the last 7 years they went from being a leading arms exporter to a country Somalia looks down on economically. 

Even with the $250 million in defense funding from Congress, Ukraine managed to lose its last bullet manufacturer due to non-payment and needs US money to purchase even something that little as an import. Graft is graft is graft, or as they say in Ukraine; thank you, Mr. Biden and Mrs. Pelosi.

Ukraine has never lived up to any of its obligations for its signature documents Minsk I or Minsk II. Instead, Ukraine chose to wait out the Trump administration in the hope of more DNC welfare possibly in exchange for updated Steele dossiers or the like.

The following Ariia meeting was sponsored by the Russian mission to the UN. Since it’s clear the Russians didn’t do any of what they’ve been accused of, it might be time to sit down and talk with them after Donald Trump sets up his new State Department. 

The story representatives of the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics tell is the reality of the Donbass situation. 

As a note, there are a few minutes where the voiceovers weren’t available, beyond that the meeting is clear and should stand on its own weight. Judge this for yourself. You are like them today.

Unlike other journalists in Donbass covering the conflict, I didn’t come to Donbass so I could cover the war. I stayed in spite of it. When I arrived in Donbass in 2012, it was very calm. In fact, despite rampant corruption, all of Ukraine was very peaceful.

The difference in what I write about Donbass and Ukraine is it was going on around me.  I broke the first stories about how events were really playing out in Ukraine starting in January 2014 and in a lot of events scooped major media outlets. You can scroll back through those articles  HYPERLINK “https://muckrack.com/profile/portfolio” here.

I’m an advocate of truth and accuracy in reporting. No matter what your take on an event is, the evidence always comes out. Facts and evidence are your friends. The whole mishmash of the Ukraine story all the way through the Trump-Russia collusion, Russia trying to undermine the election, and the DNC hack story prove that out. At the end of the day, it was Ukraine, not Russia that was infecting the 2016 election.

Today, Petr Poroshenko sees Biden as his way back to power in Ukraine and to start the cycle of US funding Ukrainian Biden graft all over again.

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