POINT COUNTER POINT 1/2: Estonia, UK, USA Reject Russia’s Attempts To Present Itself As Mediator In Ukraine

Point Counter Point 1/2 - Estonia, UK, USA Reject Russia's Attempts To Present Itself As Mediator In Ukraine
Map of the War in Donbass, a conflict in Eastern Ukraine. It shows areas of fighting, and which sides have de facto control of particular regions
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TALLINN – Estonia, the United Kingdom and the United States reject attempts by Russia to present itself as a mediator in the Ukraine conflict at the UN Security Council, the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Saturday. 

This week, the Russian Federation held an Arria formula event at the UN Security Council, allegedly on the status of the implementation of the Minsk agreements, where speakers included the representatives of the so-called people’s republics of separatist Donetsk and Luhansk. Only two other UN Security Council member states apart from Russia spoke at the meeting; several countries, including Estonia and other European Union members of the Security Council, refused to attend due to the event’s obvious bias.

Estonian Foreign Minister Reinsalu said that the modest participation at this biased event demonstrated that countries could see through the aggressor’s attempts to present itself as a mediator within an internal conflict.

“We support the peaceful resolution of the conflict in eastern Ukraine with full respect of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Russia’s attempts to bend the truth are not conducive to this,” the Estonian minister said.

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