NY State blocking conservative social media outlet Gab at public places...

New Jersey Blocking Conservative Social Media Outlet Gab.ai At Public Rest Stops

The upstart, conservative social media outlet Gab.ai, which promotes itself as free of internet censorship, is being blocked at public rest stops on the New Jersey Turnpike. The above screenshot was taken two days ago on Sept 6, 2018.

All of the Silicon Valley social media giants have blocked anti-globalist, political commentator Alex Jones completely from their platforms. They are also threatening to remove his website altogether from being hosted.

It’s Pretty Obvious By Now, Trump Is Facing A Coup

With the mid-term elections rapidly approaching, it seems this ‘collusion’ is widespread, and is nothing short of Soviet-style media censorship and propaganda. The Left is pulling out all the stops to steal the election from the American people who do not share their views of the coming Marxist utopia in America.

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