The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: “Jews Are Not Human” Said The Nazis…Neither Are White Men Says Sarah Joeng’s Weaponized Propaganda

Exactly three quarters of a century ago, deep in the Russian hinterlands, a German Panzer gunner leveled his 75 millimeter cannon at my grandfather Shimon’s T-34 and fired. The Red Army would go on to win the Battle of Kursk, the largest tank battle ever fought and with it World War Two, but none of this would matter to my grandmother, who would never remarry and who’s only memory of her young husband would be a few faded photographs and a note from the Soviet Ministry of Defense: “fell in battle for the Motherland”.

What was the German gunner doing in Kursk, 1,500 miles from his hometown in Germany? Has he ever made it back home to his family? Nobody knows of course, but it is not likely. From the Wehrmacht forces that found themselves on the Eastern Front in 1943, few came home; most were killed in battle or were taken prisoner only to succumb to starvation and disease. Was he a bad person, this young German, so far away from home, baking in his tin can of a tank on a hot July day in the Russian steppe? We have no reason to assume so; he must have been every bit as scared as my grandfather was, but his only way home lay in following orders, in leveling his cannon, in killing my grandfather and his buddies.

Equally, we must not assume that our German was not culpable in my grandfather’s murder. He was, most likely, a true believer in the Third Reich, in his own personal racial superiority over the Slavs and certainly over the Jews, my own people. This belief imbued him with a sense of pride when he wore the uniform of Nazi Germany, filled him with glee when in the early years of the war his Panzer battalion was largely unopposed by the Red Army who turned tail and ran abandoning its own civilian population to its fate. It was this very belief that made him turn a blind eye to the bodies of local peasants and townsfolk hanging from nooses by the side of the road, to the rapes, the murders, the deportations. It is not at all impossible, that our German tank crew member, two years earlier, in the fateful summer of 1941, witnessed my step grandfather’s wife and two teenage sons being shot by the SS in Uman’s town square for nothing more than being Jews. Did that sight shake his belief in the cause for which he was about to pay the ultimate price? Alas, it most likely did no such thing.

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: "Jews Are Not Human" Said The Nazis...Neither Are White Men Says Sarah Joeng's Weaponized Propaganda

Because of this, because he was fighting for a visibly corrupt cause, because he was an invader hundreds of miles away from his home, a home to which neither the USSR nor my grandfather posed even the slightest of threats, because of all of that, when our German pulled that trigger, he was not acting honorably as a soldier, he was committing cold-blooded murder. He was no different, in fact, from the SS scum that shot my step grandfather’s family. No, he, like all of the Wehrmacht personnel, was a war criminal and I hope that he had had the chance to be paraded in Moscow’s Red Square, and to be spat upon by the enraged onlookers, and to die of cold and starvation in some God-forsaken prisoner camp far above the Arctic Circle.

Six years before that famous battle, in 1937, a message arrived from the Kremlin to the local Communist Party headquarters. Recidivist bourgeois elements have penetrated the region, it said, and they must be weeded out without mercy. But the message did not stop there; no it went into specifics. Field commissions consisting of three persons; two from the security “organs” and one “civilian” Communist Party member had to be constituted. These commissions would quickly review anyone suspected of anti-Soviet activity or harboring anti-Soviet sentiments and sentence that individual and sometimes his or her entire family to exile, or to the euphemistically named “highest measure of punishment”, i.e. a shot to the back of the head. But the note didn’t stop there. It specified exact quotas on the numbers of people to be deported and the numbers of those to be shot in each district of the Kursk oblast’ (region).

This Is Not A Political Party, This Is A Fascist Insurrection, Hitler Style

The leaders of the Kursk Communist Party, fearful that any lack of enthusiasm in executing Stalin’s orders would earn them a trip to the executioner, requested, by return wire, that the quotas on those to be shot be INCREASED. Who were the people that ratted out their neighbors to the “troikas”? Who were the troika members? Who were the executioners, men who fired their Nagant revolvers point blank into thousands of people’s heads each and every day, stopping only to wipe blood off their hands on their specially designed leather aprons and take deep swigs from their vodka bottles? In the most part, they were just regular people, amazingly, sadly, not at all different from the people they were condemning and executing. They were driven by fear that if they don’t denounce first, they would be denounced, if they don’t shoot, they would be shot, but there was something else that set them apart from their innocent victims; they believed that if the “Mustachioed One” from the Kremlin ordered it, it must be just and good to follow suit. They believed that many of their neighbors, their friends, their family members even, were saboteurs, and hidden capitalists, and foreign agents. It was true that Kostya the junior tractor mechanic was your childhood friend and he always gave you his own apple and could never as much as pull the tail off a lizard, but if he had been denounced as an agent of Great Britain, well, that good and gentle behavior must all have been an act, an elaborate cover story, and Kostya will soon be dragged out, in his nightshirt at three in the morning from his bed, to be shot before sunrise and dumped into an unmarked grave.

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: "Jews Are Not Human" Said The Nazis...Neither Are White Men Says Sarah Joeng's Weaponized Propaganda

The thing that is most difficult to understand about propaganda, or as it is now called “fake news”, is that it need not contain neither the slightest grain of truth nor does it have to be internally consistent within itself. In fact, ANY truth or internal consistency is kryptonite to successful propaganda campaigns. “Jews are an inferior race, in fact they are barely human!” proclaimed the Nazi propaganda. And yet these same Jews also rule the world, said the same exact people. Whites are so inherently powerful by the mere virtue of their skin pigmentation, that nothing can be said about them that is too vile or too violent; there is no name they can be called as a racial group that would rise to the level of racism, say the supporters and apologists of the vile and violent racist Sarah Jeong, the newest addition to the New York Times editorial board. Whites are toothless morons and inbred rednecks who can’t tie their own shoelaces, say the same exact people.

No, fake news can never be understood as a promulgation of some coherent theory, wrong, facetious, or dangerous as it may be; fake news are easy to understand, on the other hand, if we apply a quick two-step test. First, we must ask ourselves if the group with which the fake news originates has a goal of gaining or regaining power. Second, we check to see if this group is dividing its audience into two parts: the aggrieved and the aggressors, the victims and the perpetrators. If both of these conditions exist, we are certainly dealing with weaponized propaganda, the same weapon that was ultimately responsible for all of the organized killing in the last 100 years. There is no weapon, it is safe to say, in the history of mankind, that has killed more people, ruined more nations, caused more environmental destruction, and brought humanity closer to the brink of extinction than weaponized propaganda aka fake news.

When a radicalized group of minor Russian (many were Jews, Georgians, etc.) intellectuals decided to grab power from the established Russian elites at the turn of the 20th century, they created out of nothing a class of the aggrieved: peasants and factory workers as represented by the hammer and the sickle, and a class of “bloodsuckers” they called the “burzhui” (the bourgeoisie), who feasted on their blood, sweat, and toil. The nobleman whose family took care of the villagers for better or for worse for many centuries? Bloodsucker. The peasant who through frugality and prudence could afford to hire a few guys to help out in the fields? Kulak, another type of bloodsucking parasite. The factory owner who risked his capital to build a thriving business? A bloodsuckers deserving to be tortured and killed.

If you are the aggrieved, and this is crucial, it matters nothing that your station in life is improving; as long as there is someone, anyone, who is more successful, who has it better than you, you can lay full claim to your aggrieved status. Lowest minority unemployment ever? Trump is still racist. Your job in a St. Petersburgh factory gives you a lifestyle your peasant parents could only dream of? The factory owner is still a bloodsucker who drinks your blood every day.

The bloodsucker class does not need to be uniformly well off. Many American whites are juggling a mortgage and two car payments while saving for college knowing full-well that their white kids will never get a full ride. So what? They’re still racist slave owners. You know that the owner of the small business you work in has not drawn a salary for herself in many a month so she could pay you yours on time? Doesn’t matter, she is still scum.

What Hitler and Goebbels did, to the world’s everlasting grief so very brilliantly, their stroke of genius, if one may call it that, was that they managed to gain total power very quickly by weaponizing their propaganda to, as we would say today, atomic levels. They did so by extending the aggrieved status to ALL ethnic Germans, creating, in effect, a nation of people who felt very deeply wronged and betrayed, while shrinking the class of the traitors and the bloodsuckers to one easily identifiable group, the Jews.

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: "Jews Are Not Human" Said The Nazis...Neither Are White Men Says Sarah Joeng's Weaponized Propaganda

Luckily for us, the American progressive “elites” are no geniuses, to say the least. The aggrieved class that they came up with, the so-called people of color, containing as it does second generation Korean hipsters like Sarah Jeong and African American quasi-billionaires like Lebron James and anything in between is too poorly defined to be very effective as a tool of regaining control from regular Americans who believe in the Constitution and the rule of law. In fact, their attempts at defining this class, at forging from it a cohesive revolutionary fighting force, drive them towards blatant anti-white racism, something that cannot be long sustained.

The elites’ proposed bloodsucking class, containing as it is all white Americans who are not willing to publicly grovel and apologize for their genetic makeup, also leaves much to be desired. Nazi Germany’s and Bolshevik Russia’s examples teach us that the aggrieved class must be very large and inclusive, while the bloodsucker class must be small, easily identifiable, and exclusive. All ethnic Germans vs. the Jews, already reviled and some of whom were quite powerful. All employees and peasants, vs. land and factory owners. Yes, that worked, alas. A white dental clinic receptionist from Alabama oppressing the likes of Lebron James or Sarah Jeong from the perch of her $25k per year salary? Give me a break.

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: Democratic Socialism – The Sugary External Coating Of The Deadly Poison That Is Islamic Jihadism

And yet, we must remember the consequences that transpire when weaponized propaganda wins the day. These are consequences from which, as Russia can attest, there is often no coming back, ever. It is because of these consequences that Trump is right in waging his lonely battle against fake news. And it is precisely why he should continue to ignore the soft whisperings of “reasonable” sunny day supporters in the mold of Ari Fleischer or Brit Hume with their constant advice to tone it down, to focus on the economy, to be “presidential”. Fake news and its purveyor, the so called Main Stream Media must be vanquished, utterly destroyed. Fight on Mr. President, fight on!

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