This Is Not A Political Party, This Is A Fascist Insurrection, Hitler Style

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“Anyway my point is that we should kill all Jews ‘prior’ to removing the state from marriage as an institution.”

Shocking enough for you?

This is the prized quote from the New York Time’s new murderous writer Sarah Jeong, with the word ‘Jews’ replacing the word ‘men’.

We are not seeing a political party jockeying for power; we are witnessing a fascist insurrection from the Left, Hitler style. The quicker we realize and admit this reality, the better off we will be as a nation.

Obama’s Worst Nightmare Is Coming True

Let’s look at where we are. We’ve had the shooting of Republican congressman, we’ve had Trump supporters routinely threatened, we’ve had conservatives run out of restaurants, beaten for wearing certain clothes, pelted with eggs for daring to attend a Trump rally, and on and on.

Who knows what the motive was behind the murder of over 50 conservative country music fans in Las Vegas, but I can guess.

The media is enabling this civil unrest. The Democratic Party is enabling the violence. Leftist financiers like Soros and Steyer are funding the hate.

These people accuse us of doing exactly what they are doing, and they are getting away with it. These are classic fascist tactics; Goebbels would be proud. The Soviets also used these mind games very effectively.

This is not politics; this is evil. Sarah Joeng is evil. She wants to kill someone simply because of their race. How in the HELL is the New York Times putting up with this?

Could it be that their investor, George Soros, is behind this evil propaganda? Could it be the man who helped take property from the Jews for Hitler, on their way to be eventually slaughtered by the millions, could be pushing this meme? Before you go off and call this fake news, he admitted it on video by the way. ( It’s there on the internet if you have the intellectual honesty to look it up)

I think the answer is yes. I think we are witnessing a real fascist uprising, not on the right but from the Left.

Ironically, only conservatives are the real ‘liberals’ any more. The Democratic Party, the ACLU, all of the hypocritical Marxist mouthpieces, no longer believe in liberty. Conservatives are the only ‘classic liberals’ who will defend free speech and your right to voice it.

Yes, the Left is evil.

They believe in killing people if they don’t agree with you or you are the wrong skin color.

Democrats Are Not Patriots; They Are Criminals

Those who won’t speak up are enabling evil.

It’s time to bring back Nuremberg.

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