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What do CPAP machines, communication devices, and space heaters have in common? They shut off when the power grid fails—unless you plan ahead.

The following article is sponsored by My Patriot Supply.


Preparedness Advisor

Everyone has experienced a power outage at some point in their life.

Storms blow through, accidents happen, and systems fail. Usually, we treat it like a fluke and forget about it as soon as the lights flip back on.

But what if the power didn’t come back for days, weeks, or even months?

Picture this: a winter storm blows through your area, irreparably damaging essential power infrastructure. They estimate it could take weeks to replace everything that has been destroyed.

And it’s cold. Really cold.

What do you plan to do when your family’s medical equipment, communication devices, and vital sources of light are all gone? Even worse… what if your house is fully electric?

Your heater won’t be able to run, leaving your family cold and shivering.

What then?


The best time to plan for an event like that is long before it’s a possibility. You have no time to waste. Take advantage of fair weather and plan for the worst-case scenario before it’s too late.

Invest in your own energy independence and achieve real self-reliance.

When you’re free from the grid, you won’t be left floundering when the power is out.

Gone will be the days of scrounging around in the dark for candles, flashlights, batteries, and blankets. You won’t have to trip over pets and kids as you stumble around in the dark looking for a way to power your drained devices.

You’ll be free to wait out the outages comfortably in your lit, warm, and happy home. You’ll be so glad you prepared early on for what was to come.

There is no better time to get ready for power grid failures. It’s time to supply yourself with powerful, portable solar energy through My Patriot Supply.


My Patriot Supply are the experts in emergency preparedness. They have streamlined and perfected the path to securing your peace of mind with readiness essentials.

With the Grid Doctor 300 Solar Generator System, you will finally be free to harness and store your own solar energy—easily and effectively. With one free solar panel included, it’s the perfect way to ensure that your family is ready when the grid fails.

This is a must-have if you’re serious about emergency preparedness. More than just an in-home solar generator, this portable system can be used for camping, in the car, or for off-grid living. That means you will be able to take electricity with you wherever you go.

That’s pretty powerful…

The Grid Doctor 300 surpasses other clunky, ineffective solar options by including the latest tech like Maximum Power Point Tracking, pass-thru charging, and more.

Not to mention it charges your electric appliances and digital devices in a fraction of the time that standard chargers take. You can use it to charge your devices to 100% over 2,000 times!

Now that’s quality.

Whether you’re an experienced survivalist or just starting on the road to readiness, the Grid Doctor 300 is a great step toward total independence.

The inevitability of another crisis is clear; the question is just “when?” That’s why investing in solar energy is so critical. You won’t regret it when your home is the only one on the block that can run its most important devices during a power crisis.

Stop relying on fragile systems and start relying on yourself with solar energy!

Don’t gamble with your survival. Take this essential step today toward energy independence, and rest easier knowing that, come what may, your family will have what they need during difficult times.


Facing an uncertain future doesn’t have to be a solo journey.

My Patriot Supply has got your back, helping you get ready for whatever challenges might come your way. It doesn’t matter what kind of danger or where it’s coming from—they’re here to get you prepared for anything.

It’s time to take this crucial step and secure your energy future. Click the button below and save $50 on a Grid Doctor 300 Solar Generator System.

But don’t wait! This special offer ends THIS WEEK.


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