The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: Do The Democrats Hate Jews? The Short Answer Is Yes

Do The Democrats Hate Jews? The Short Answer Is Yes
Treasure from the Second Temple being paraded by the victorious Romans in 70 AD. These symbols of nationhood were lost, but the nation survived
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It would appear that President Trump has recently expressed the opinion that the Democratic Party in its newest incarnation as a political platform that rests on the three legs of globalism, communism, and anti-White bigotry is also a party of Jew haters. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders was asked today whether Trump really held this view, a question she declined to answer. 

I don’t know whether Trump thinks that the Democrats hate Jews, he may or may not, but regardless, there is a question here that’s well worth asking: do they? And if so, why?

In order to answer this question, we must first address the age-old question “what is a Jew?”, at least for the purposes of this discussion. After all, how can we answer if someone hates someone else unless we have some idea who that someone is.

In the context of the modern world, I would answer this question as follows: Jews today, whether in Israel or in exile, fall into one of three categories.

  1. People who were born to Jewish parents and who know that about themselves
  2. Same as 1 plus people who practice Judaism as a religion to at least some degree
  3. Same as 1 + 2 plus people who believe themselves to belong to a separate nation or ethnic group

Many American Jews today fall into the first category. They know that they are Jewish because their parents and grandparents are and because their names are Bernstein or Goldberg. Some fall into the second category and do things like light Sabbath candles and eat latkes on Hanukkah. These people are not important for the purposes of this discussion. The Democrats do not hate them.

All Jews in Israel and some Jews in exile fall into the third category and are indeed the subject of this discussion and also the subject of Democratic hatred.

Democrats hate Jews of the third kind because their mere existence is Kryptonite to globalism. Globalism teaches us that a person whose name is Ahmed Mohammed is as French as a person whose name is Jean-Luc Picard, as long as they both have a piece of paper that defines them as citizens of France. Globalism demands of us the unequivocal acknowledgement that a person whose name is Ilhan Omar, who was born in Somalia, and who shares none of the founding values of the United States is as American as Andrew Jackson, because both of them at some point in their lives were American citizens.

Globalism rejects the entire notion of a nation. It rejects the legality of such a construct as a nation in terms of its rights to hold territory, to control who enters that territory, and to defend itself against those who would attempt a forced entry.

In the West, globalism has succeeded in its goal of effacing nationhood. There are no Western nations in existence today, with the possible exception of Switzerland. There are no British, no French, no Germans, no Canadians, and no Americans. How can I say that? Simple. Since anyone can become French or German or American citizen by going through any number of processes or by simply arriving in these countries and refusing to leave, there can be no French or German or American nations.

Like most militantly totalitarian ideologies, globalism is driven to spread until it has conquered the entire globe. Bulwarks against its spread eastward exist in Eastern Europe, in Russia, as well as in Indochina, China, Korea, and Japan. However, the biggest thorn in globalism’s side appears to be a small and beleaguered Middle Eastern country: Israel.

Why is that, you may wonder? Why not Japan, for example? After all, the Japanese form the most ethnically pure advanced country on Earth and have no plans to change. This question deserves an answer and it is this answer that will unlock the mystery of the new Democratic party hatred for Jews.

As it happens, the answer is quite simple. Japanese, Hungarians, Poles, and Estonians are nations because they have occupied for centuries and sometimes millennia the same piece of real estate, spoke the same language, and looked substantially alike. The Jews, on the other hand, because of their long exilic history are spread around the world, do not all speak the same language, and look nothing alike.

Jews are a nation because of their shared history dating back to tenth century BC Canaan, because of their shared religion, and because for two long millennia of exile, two thousand years during which it was far more expedient to not be a Jew rather than be one, they refused to efface the boundary that separated them from the rest of humanity.

But here is the kicker, the real reason why Jews of the third kind are antithetical to globalism. The Jewish people today, as we speak, are actively fighting globalism with their very being. While globalism is effacing boundaries and destroying once great nations, Jews in their homeland Israel are ERECTING boundaries. Israel has laws that give Jews privileged standing because they are Jews and for no other reason. Israel is by its very founding, in its very DNA, a nation state. A state of and for the Jewish nation. Exclusively. In writing. By law.

There is no other nation like that on our planet. Japan and Hungary may enact laws that limit immigration because they want to remain nation states. Israel WELCOMES immigration. But only by Jews. No other country defines itself nowadays as the exclusive home of a nation. Israel emphatically does.

Of course, only a few decades ago, before the onset of globalism, most countries were nation states by default. No one in France would have seriously entertained the notion that Ahmed Mohammed was French. The memory of this still lives in the hearts of human beings alive today.

What Israel’s example shows, what Israel’s very existence teaches, is a very dangerous lesson as far as the globalists are concerned. It teaches that if you are French, it is not too late. France is still majority French, in the true sense of the word. Imagine what would happen if France declared that it is the national home of Jean-Luc Picards exclusively and that Ahmed Mohammeds, if they are already there, would enjoy equal individual rights, but no national rights and the no further Ahmed Mohammeds would be allowed to become French citizens.

It seems far fetched, but it is possible. All that’s required is for the French people to undo a few scant decades of globalist brainwashing and remember their true heritage. That’s all. And guess what, Americans can do the same. Americans can remember that they are a nation not of immigrants, but of settlers who from a wilderness created the greatest nation state that ever existed. It is more complicated in America, but it can be done. It can start with putting a stop to unchecked migration from countries and by people that share none of the founding principles of America and go from there.

So here it is folks, the new Democrats hate Jews of the third kind, that is real Jews, because most of them live in Israel and Israel is a guided missile that is about to blow globalism and with it the Democratic party sky high. Israel shows that nation states are happier, healthier, more creative, more successful, more innovative and much less dull than any globalist creation. And it shows that YOU can be a nation state too!

And now for a bonus answer to the often-asked question why does the majority of American Jews support the Democratic party. Once again, the answer is simplicity itself. Most American Jews support the globalist, communist, anti-White Democratic party because they are Jews of the first and second kinds, i.e. Jews In Name Only, the last Jews in their family lines, because their kids, if they have any, sure as hell won’t be. These are the Jews of J-Street, the Jews who knowingly prefer their progressive ideology to their own people. To these “Jews” I say: Good Riddance.

America, when it was still a nation state, helped defeat Nazi Germany and thus helped the creation of the state of Israel. Since then and especially after Israel proved its viability with its glorious victory in the 1967 Six Day War, America has stood by Israel’s side. It seems to me that the tables are turning. America needs Israel more than Israel needs America now. America needs Israel’s example, it needs Israel’s guiding light to find its way home to its roots, to its greatness. And of course this brings us to the real answer to the twin questions of do Democrats hate Jews and why. The answer is YES! Democrats hate Jews because they hate America. 

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Joe Mudd March 12, 2019 at 2:47 pm

What a great picture of the REAL “end times” from 70AD sadly the church today
is off chasing comic book teachings of something that actually took place in history.

Baruch Pletner,PhD,MBA
Baruch Pletner,PhD,MBA March 12, 2019 at 3:05 pm

Thank you, yes, history isn’t being taught anymore, sadly.

Lionel Mandrake March 16, 2019 at 5:28 pm

Here’s a classic example of the disaster that is multi culturism.
I was watching Band of Brothers with my Venezuelan girlfriend and she asked me “Were you in this war papi?”
So I asked her when she thought this war had occurred and she had no idea of when, why, who, nor where.
So I asked her who was the father of communism, and she thought about it for a long time and answered “Hugo Chavez?”
So I told her, in my best Spanish: “Dear, this is why we should never let you third worlders into the United States except as tourists! You know absolutely nothing about the most important questions of world history, and when you get to the States some asshole comes up to you and says “Hey, to each according to his needs, from each according to his abilities!” and you jump right on the bandwagon with him.”
She actually agreed with me, and if anybody is an expert these days about the sham of socialism it’s a Venezuelan.


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