The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: America Is Quickly Becoming An Islamo-Fascist Dictatorship

America Is Quickly Becoming An Islamo-Fascist Dictatorship
The Ohel Yaakov Synagogue in Munich destroyed during the Kristallnacht pogrom of 1938

Several Jewish American writers, including those who write for Jewish publications like The Forward have recently noted that they have a choice to make: remain Jewish and work towards not being the last Jew in their family, or stick to their “progressive” values. Being a progressive Jew is no longer possible, because at the core of being Jewish is the trifecta of:

  1. The Land of Israel – meaning that a Jew must support the right of the modern state of Israel not only to “exist”, but to retain its ethnic Jewish majority status and be the exclusive homeland of the Jewish People.
  2. The Torah of Israel – meaning that observant or not, a Jew must recognize the core and essential role that Judaism plays in every Jew’s life.
  3. The People of Israel – recognizing that Jews are a distinct ethnic group, a nation, a genetic entity the future survival of which depends on the choice that is made by each Jewish person to avoid having children with a non-Jewish person.

Current American “progressive” values, at least as they are practiced by non-Muslims, are the diametric opposite of all three tenets of being Jewish. Progressivism rejects nationalism, which, of course, is at the core of any nation state such as Israel. Progressivism rejects all religions except Islam as atavistic, especially Judaism and Christianity. Finally, progressivism thinks of any ethnic-based choice of a sexual partner as racist. Thus, being progressive is incompatible with being Jewish. Most American Jews choose to remain progressive rather than Jewish, which is why American Jewry is headed for extinction.

One of the least reported, but most critical aspect of the twin calamities that made the 20th century the most appallingly tragic in human history, communism and fascism, was that both required the same prerequisite. That prerequisite was a cultural re-alignment, a shift in the cultural identity of the people just before they were about to succumb to the horrors of Hitler, or Lenin, of Mao Tse Tung or Pol Pot. 

In Russia, prior to the communist take over of 1917, the vast majority of people self-identified as Orthodox Christians first and foremost. But the squabbles between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Tsars for decades prior to the revolution, the failure of the church to play a role in advancing the welfare of the Russian people, and the poor education and questionable character of many parish priests eroded that millennial institution to such a degree that a small push by a band of godless opportunists toppled it without a much as a whimper. On October 1st, 1917, churches were full and bells were ringing. On October 18th, the first bonfires made from priceless icons were burning in Moscow and St. Petersburg. 

In 1933, most Germans identified as Christians. In fact, most thought of their culture as the epitome of Christian thought and morality. Germany gave the world some of its finest humanist philosophers, it renewed the Christian faith via Reformation, it was on the forefront of Christian morality. By 1939, most Germans were busy looking for their pagan roots somewhere between the “Aryan” homelands of Persia and Nepal and the birthplace of Odin and Freya on the Scandinavian Peninsula. The Jew to whom they used to pray, the Jew, who according to their very recent beliefs gave up his life far away from any “Aryans” or Vikings so that they could have a life eternal, was nowhere to be found. 

In China, in Japan, in Cambodia, peaceful, self-referential Buddhism, a religion that abhors killing, gave way to virulent nationalism in Japan and godless totalitarian communism in China and Cambodia. 

These shifts in identity were unquestionably brewing for a long time. Tectonic plates were shifting under many different stresses. Pressure was building, slowly, until one day it all snapped and a Christian country with a record of humanitarianism became a nation of cold-blooded killers capable of filling trenches with the bodies of innocent men, women, and children. A nation of Buddhists known for building gorgeous temples more than anything else turned on itself and nearly consumed itself to death, sowing skulls in fields where rice used to grow.

Something very similar is happening now in America with an astonishing pace. American identity, its founding principles, were, perhaps uniquely among nations, spelled out in its founding documents. Individual liberty that does not come at the expense of anyone else’s. Trust in the Creator in Whom all our rights originate. A limited government that keeps the playing field level and intruders out. That’s all.

Now that the America of old is gone, now that the House of Representatives, the branch of government most closely in touch with the people is lorded over by the fascist triumvirate of Omar, Tlaib, and Ocasio-Cortez, now that the masks are falling off one after another with each new hour on the cable news networks, it is time to simply tell the truth.

America was handcrafted by its Founding Fathers, carefully, patiently, like the lifework of a master craftsman of transcendent abilities. America was crafted like any such work of art, like a Stradivarius violin that is only fit for a master musician who knows how to extract from it the sublime sound that is its sole function. America was designed by a certain type of people for and only for people just like themselves. Adams and Franklin and Washington built a country that was their ideal of a country, a country that fit them like a glove. And who were these people? Let’s, once more, not beat around the bush. They were White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Christians. These were people from Britain and Scotland and Northern Germany and Holland. People who for a thousand years or more by the time of the American Revolution lived in societies that were built around rugged independent individuals rather than despots and serfs. 

Northern European societies since pre-Roman times were based on villages that had three tiers: freemen, indentured laborers, and slaves. America was designed by and for a typical Northern European freeman and as such its demise began in the last quarter of the 19th century when wave upon wave of immigrants from countries in which freedom and rugged individualism were unknown and no less unwelcome. There were Southern Europeans and Catholic Irishmen and Chinese and Japanese and of course, Jews. In recent decades we are witnessing mass migration, legal and illegal, from even less developed and less free countries in Latin America and the Middle East. 

What is the common denominator for all of these waves of immigrants? Simply put, they want the upside without having the guts to face the downside. They want the goodies, but should they fail to get them, they want others to bail them out. Not others as in friends, family, community. No, others as in the collective others, via a big, bloated, and virtually unlimited government. Another way of putting this is that these immigrants of the last century and a half differ from the original settlers and from the Founding Fathers in one crucial aspect: they are willing to put a price on freedom. 

For the Americans that fought for and gained their independence from the British Crown, personal freedom was, simply put, priceless. Live free of die wasn’t just a cute license plate slogan; it was their credo. America was built for people like that, but now they are nearly all gone. There are virtually no Americans today who oppose the New Deal of FDR’s vintage. And what was that deal? What was traded and for what? This is not a difficult question to answer. Americans traded away their personal freedoms, especially the right to be free from a large and obtrusive government, for a social “safety net”. They bought a backstop on the downside for their agreement to accept a limit on liberty.

That Faustian bargain was as tragic as it was inevitable. Assembly lines do not need free-thinking independent farmers, they need good order-followers. And who will these order-takers complain to when their bosses are too rough? To the only entity that is stronger than the boss, a big, powerful government. 

America today is an oligarchical society just like modern China, pushing against an exoskeleton of a constitutional republic. Successful oligarchies need a modicum of ideology, something for the ruling class to hide from the public the fact that all they got is unbridled greed and power lust. In China, it’s “communism”. In Russia, it’s nationalism. In the European Union it’s “diversity”. 

As America is losing all pretense to being a constitutional republic, as the old violin is about to be shattered from being used as a cudgel for the power grabber elites, what will its new ideology be? Gone are the flag (symbol of racism), the Nation (nationalism = fascism), God (no need to elaborate), and the Republic. What will replace them? 

Judging by the spectacle of Rep. Omar surrounded by members of the Black Congressional Caucus, protecting her just like Hitler’s Brownshirts defended the Fuhrer, stiff-arming reporters with smug expressions reserved for those who know themselves to be invincible, American elites have chosen Islamo-fascism to be their ideology of choice. 

Of course, in America, as Martin Luther King so eloquently said, the color of your skin should not matter, only the content of your character. But they want it to matter!

Just like the Nazi Germans concocted for themselves a fake “Aryan” national identity to separate themselves from not only Jews, but also all other Europeans, the American ruling classes have concocted the fake “Person of Color” national identity. This group of people are identified by only one negative marker: their skin color isn’t white. And it specifically because of that one marker that they have the absolute right to rule over everyone else, no questions asked. 

As everybody knows, Adolf Hitler was, in his appearance, very far from the Aryan racial ideal. He was short and dark, not blond and tall. But he could bug his eyes out and gesticulate in a way that could hypnotize many feeble-minded people, a skill that is copied by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and which he and perhaps also she, honed by many hours of practice in front of a mirror. 

The new PoC rulers of America are supposed to have an ideology that is anti-religious and pro LGBT. But their best shock troops are devout Muslims who are religious fanatics and support the immediate killing of LGBT persons. Just like with Hitler, exceptions are made; Muslims are allowed to hold fast to an ideology that is the direct opposite of that which is advertised by the PoC oligarchs. As long as no one cries that the king has no clothes, everything is fine. And if anyone does cry, they will be deplatformed and steps will be taken to ensure that nobody hears them ever again. 

And then there are the Jews… just like in Nazi Germany, Jews pose a unique dilemma for the fascists. When Hitler came to power in 1933, German Jews spoke better German than he did and knew more about German history than he could ever hope to know. They were also physically indistinguishable from him. But were they Aryan? No, they were Semitic, greasy, greedy, treasonous. The glorious German army could never have suffered a humiliating defeat in WWI if it weren’t for the Jewish bankers with their dual loyalties. 

Today in America, Jews once again are a thorn in the fascists’ side. American Jews mostly have white skin, but Israeli Jews are mostly PoC. So confusing. And then there is the simple fact that the Waffen SS of the PoC are Muslims and they have an endemic hatred of all Jews. Finally, it is well-known that the Jews supposedly control America. After all, even whites like David Duke say so. So when things go south under the sage guidance of the PoC dictatorship as they inevitably will, Jews can be a great scapegoat, just like they were for Herr Hitler. 

So here we have it folks, one coequal branch of the Federal Government of the United States of America, the House of Representatives is already under the full control of the Islamo-fascist PoC clique. Meek sounds of opprobrium are barely heard from members of the Congress or the Senate, white and Jewish alike. Just like in pre-revolutionary Russia, just like in 1930 – 1933 Germany, the writing is on the wall, but no one is willing to make a stand. After all, there is the 401(k) to consider. It does take a large amount of personal courage to stand up to the fascist anti-Semitic racist thugs that are taking over America. One may be yelled at, lose their job, be thrown out of the gym. And yet, the shreds of the Constitution yet remaining are probably good enough to shield those who stand up against fascism from prison and from the firing squad. 

For now. If we, and especially the Jews, do not risk our livelihoods now, we will all risk our lives later. Don’t believe me? Go to any German city center and look up the commemorative plaque were the town synagogue once stood. There, if you just listen, you can hear the ghosts of the rich, assimilated, “German in all but religion” Jews who were burned alive together with their Torah scrolls. They may have a thing or two to tell you. 

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Terry Hulsey March 9, 2019 at 10:37 am

“America today is an oligarchical society […] pushing against an exoskeleton of a constitutional republic.”
“[T]he American ruling classes have concocted the fake ‘Person of Color’ national identity [like the fake Aryan identity of the Nazis.]”
These are brilliant and brutally honest insights – which the lapdog Western media have pushed out of the public forum. Keep reading tsarizm.com!

Baruch Pletner,PhD,MBA March 10, 2019 at 2:15 pm

Thank you for the kind words!


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