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Writing for Project Syndicate, a Soros publication, MIT’s faux-academic blowhard has decreed that the United States and the European Union must self-destruct.

Why not? It’ll make the third Ottoman invasion of Europe easier!

Daron Acemoglu’s paean to Europe’s collective civilizational seppuku would result in half of Europe, now aligned with the West, to defect to the Eastern Block.

Instead of being tied to the EU and NATO, unwilling to live under Mohamed, these nations would have no choice but to ally, militarily and economically, to Russia and China.

But not to Acemoglu’s birthplace.

Incidentally, WIKI ranks Acemoglu with the three worst economists in recorded history. Which explains why he and Paul Krugman WIKI cited write for the New York Times, Economist, and Politico.

To turn Europe’s churches and synagogues into mosques, Soros’ Open Society advocates for unimpeded migrations of Muslims into Europe, and then the Americas. Hastening the Islamic plan for total conquest of western culture, religions, society, and the expropriation of Europe’s wealth.

Having come unhinged by Hungary’s unwillingness to be re-imagined into an Islamic State, Soros’ and Islam’s media puppets, oblivious to Europe’s interest in global prosperity, peace and security, would sacrifice all three. Just so that the Hungary these sociopaths despise can be sacrificed to Soros’ and Islam’s hatred of liberty and humanity.

George Soros – Project Syndicate

The solution? Make Poland, Hungary and the surrounding states submit, welcome being invaded, raped, burgled, beheaded and savaged by Acemoglu’s coreligionists.

One asks: Why are hatreds, behind which hide Acemoglu’s extremist religious supremacy, being infiltrated into American and Euro academe, just so people like he can propagandize and indoctrinate impressionable young minds? 

Incidentally, Acemoglu’s father-in-law is İsmail Özdağlar a former minister in Turkey’s Islamist party.

Soros’ media campaign is allegedly behind the joined-at-the-hip leftwing/Nazi party axis constituting the Hungarian government’s current opposition who make baseless charges against Hungary’s “corrupt” rulers while attacking Hungary’s sovereignty. 

No such corruption was ever proved. Accordingly, Acemoglu’s spin are but unfounded allegations from Islamists and Soros-NGO’s anti-government media. 

Meanwhile, Soros’ corruptions have been documented

It gets better. The Soros-centric media portrays George, who’s relentlessly attacked Hungary and Israel, as a much-maligned “victim.” 

Meanwhile Soros’ targets are depicted as anti-Semites.

They tell us Soros is not antisemitic, even though he spent tens of millions trying to crush Israel.

Hungary, the safest place for Jews in Europe, is.

Earlier the Nazi’s tyrannical descendants governing today’s European Union and Acemoglu’s coreligionists have successfully expropriated land from both the Jews and the Hungarians. The Western powers and Palestinians have already stolen two thirds of what remains of current Hungary – and – current Israel!

Take George Soros’ NGO’s anti-Israel and anti-Hungary activities. Or Turkey strongman Erdoğan’s anti-European activities and Turkey’s invasions of Austria-Hungary in the 16th century by the MIT professor’s coreligionists. Take history:

PALESTINIAN CHIEF MEETS ADOLF HITLER – agree to wage total war against the Jews. Nothing changed for the Islamists or Boy George – reportedly born into a Jewish antisemitic family.

This historic repetition of the Islamist-Socialist cabal seeking world conquest, today sows global discontent and chaos, having even infiltrated the West’s political, media, academe, and financial machinery.



Turkey’s value for the West is not about the good it can offer but the evil it might choose not to spread. In recent years western tolerance of Turkey has stemmed not from appreciation of its advanced democratic culture but from fears of the chaos it can unleash.

This author coined the term “Turkey’s nuisance value” in an article published 14 years ago to explain what made the country an asset for the EU it aspired to join. The article challenged Western euphemisms about the potential entrance into the European club of an explicitly non-European culture. At the time, Western media and academic papers were full of “Yes to Turkish membership” naivete dancing around clichéd themes like “Turkey is strategically important,” “Turkey is a bridge between East and West,” and “Turkey’s post-modern Islamists [then PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan et al] are reformist democrats.”

Connecting dots to Mr. Soros: He’s been seeding chaos in the USA through Black Lives Matter and antiFA, backing of the most divisive, radical politicians (Barack Obama, Stacy Abrams, The Squad), culminating in the Obama-Biden election theft of 2020, and allies with getting Erdoğan’s Jihadis infiltrate Europe once again.

Soros’ political allies and media are at war against Europe’s sovereignty – having successfully corrupted the European Parliament who now obediently serve this treasonous cause.


Turkey and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan are hardly just a nuisance that might splinter NATO. They can fragment European as well as American objectives for world peace. Turkey, as it has been in earlier years to the 15th century, is an existential danger to Europe, to Mideast and global peace. It has cleverly and deceptively shifted the balance of power in the Mideast. More importantly, Iran happens to be their partner in the scheme.

A US client for military weaponry for over a half century, Turkey has recently become a Russian client. Iran and Syria have been Russian clients all along. Accordingly, Acemoglu sees value taking attention off the ongoing Muslim invasions of Europe by directing his narratives against Europe’s cultural defense.

But (Central Europe’s) eastward expansion now looks like Europe’s Achilles’ heel. Hungary and Poland have come to symbolize the EU’s dysfunction and institutional weaknesses. Daron wrote.

Au contraire.

The EU’s Achilles heel are the European Parliament’s and court’s gangsters (SEE HERE and HERE), their corrupt, bribed, self-dealing politicians, judges, economists, media, and leaders.

The EU’s Band Aid are a functioning Hungary and Poland beating western Europe’s economic performance with higher GDP growth rates (Hungary’s is three times that of the Germany that heads the EU). Hungary’s lower unemployment, fastest housing price growth in the world, higher birth and lower abortion rates, a far more satisfied tourist trade – as well as enviable global investment, is the evidence. For example, the three largest German auto manufacturers‘ huge factories, and satisfied US, Brit, UAE, Chinese, and Israelis doing business.

The EU’s idological and economic dysfunction signify Hungary’s and Poland’s importance gluing the now fractured post-Brexit EU together.

Daron Acemoglu stepped in it. But likely he’s never stepped foot in Hungary. His poison, malevolent, partisan, uninformed and self-serving, has as much geopolitical acumen concerning the EU’s economic and national security interests, as Joe Biden and his Obama-appointed Chief of Staff had about America’s “orderly” exit from Afghanistan.

Soros’ Acemoglu would drive the former Eastern Block nations into the arms of the former Eastern Block’s masters. And China. Consider, these two have already made significant inroads in commerce and energy agreements with Hungary. Budapest has already become China’s Silk Road, and Russian energy transfers.

In other words, the Soros poison has always hastened America’s and the EU’s shrinking influence. With a weakened post-Brexit EU and shifting alliances, Soros’ power will become vaporware.

I spoke too soon.

AUCUS scrapped the French-EU agenda with the just-concluded US-UK-Australian Defense Pact.

TAKE NOTE: The EU and the US need THE VISEGRAD GROUP’S Hungary, Poland and their allies, far more than the Visegrád Group need either.

And both need George Soros like cancer. Which is what he is.

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John Acord September 22, 2021 at 10:44 am

Hungary and Poland wouldbe far better off to leave the EU and join The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) with access to unlimted energy and raw materials to spur their economic growth an dprtect them from the poison of liberal democracy and Islamic invasion. It took 700 years to return the bells to the Seville Cathedral. It will take less to return them to the Hagia Sophia

Stempla September 24, 2021 at 8:28 am

This means Hungry must be doing the right thing.

Hey Soros, can you name more countries so we can support them.


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