The Corrupt Media Is Lying About The Polls, Get Out And Vote

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2016 presidential election statewide polling (Clinton vs. Trump)

The corrupt media and their deceitful pollsters are working overtime. They are doing their utmost to make you think the Democrats are way ahead in the polls, that the president’s approval rating is in the low forty percent range, and that the blue wave is a foregone conclusion for the coming midterm elections.

Today I was listening to a major, Leftist media outlet and I was astonished at the outright lies that were being told.

First of all, the issue of the president’s approval rating is a perennial favorite of the Mainstream Media, used to defraud and deceive the American public, and the world for that matter. Donald Trump’s approval rating is not in the low 40s. You only can get that number if you poll a sample that is overweighted to people who don’t like Trump. Rasmussen, one of the more accurate pollsters in 2016, has Trump consistently around 50% approval, give or take a few percentage points. Trump’s approval rating has been GOING UP in recent weeks according to Rasmussen.

Corrupt Media Begins Campaign To Reduce Enthusiasm Among Trump Base To Reduce Voting

But Trump is not on the ballot you say? That is true; however, this election IS a referendum on the Trump agenda, and most Americans support the agenda, even if they don’t like the person himself.

Second, there are many races where polling has across the board shown the GOP significantly ahead, especially in recent days. However, the corrupt media will consistently call them ‘toss ups’ or leaning Democrat.

Finally, the coverage declaring Trump has given up and now focusing on the Senate, and ignoring House races, is also untrue.

Don’t believe it. The media is lying to you.

They are trying to discourage you and prevent you from casting your vote.

Don’t let that happen. Get out to vote and take ten people with you.

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