Opinion: The Left Pulls A Kavanaugh-Style Fake Bomb October Surprise Right Before Election But America Is Not Fooled

Update 10/26/18 It seems a Cesar Sayoc has been arrested in Florida and seems to be a Trump supporter…we’ll admit we were wrong on this one…regarding the facts of the case.

Yesterday the MAGA Bomber struck – that is what the crazed Left wants you to believe.

It is all poppycock. The Left has completely jumped the shark….again!

These Migrations Are No ‘Accident’ – They Are Well-Funded Strategies To Destroy The West

Here is just some superficial evidence this was all another desperate hoax by the rabid, card-carrying Marxists in America to try and gain power.

1. None of the bombs exploded. If a MAGA voter really wanted to kill someone, they would probably be dead, just sayin.

2. Governor Cuomo desperately wanted a bomb sent to him and actually lied and said he got one.

3. The fake bombs were discovered right before the election.

5. There was a coordinated media, Hollywood, Democratic Party attack pushing the ‘violent MAGA voters’ narrative immediately after the hoax.

6. The New York Times had an oped written, edited, and printed by Soros within hours of the bombs being discovered. Since I write for a major Washington newspaper, I know that doesn’t happen.

I mean really, they don’t even care anymore that their hoaxes have lost all credibility. I guess the communists are just trying to pick off a few more long-hanging-fruit, low-information voters.

All this is going to do is make conservatives, and MAGA voters, even more angry.

Corrupt Big Tech Has Gone All-In To Defeat GOP In Midterms, Hoping To Forestall Anti-Trust Action

This was also an attempt to divert attention from the mob-mentality shown on the Left and shows the GOP’s campaign to highlight this phenomenon was working all too well with the American public. It also has the convenient characteristic of taking attention off the 14,000 strong caravan headed our way.

Move along now, this isn’t the caravan you’re looking for. There is nothing to see here!

As Lindsey Graham said, these people are desperate for power and will do anything to get it. Don’t let them have it.

Vote! And, get ten people to go with you!

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