Corrupt Big Tech Has Gone All-In To Defeat GOP In Midterms, Hoping To Forestall Anti-Trust Action

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One of the hallmarks of change of power in totalitarian systems is to make sure you transfer power to those who you are sure will not investigate you, and discover your years of corruption and theft as the controlling authority for the regime. This was the idea behind Hillary Clinton taking over for Barack Obama; she would be the stop gap, the firewall, against anyone seeing how deep the Obama rabbit hole of corruption actually went (hint – it is very deep and we still don’t know how low it goes). When Trump was elected, the backstop was the Deep State. They are still trying to prevent the truth from coming out.

Now they have lots of help from the big tech monopolies.

With all the recent evidence of complete, biased censorship by Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc, coming out in the news, it seems big tech is not even trying to hide it anymore. They don’t care. They’ve got their billions, who gives a damn about possible consequences, we’ll just relinquish our American citizenship and retire to Singapore.

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The goal of course of all this overt, political corruption is to prevent the GOP from maintaining the House of Representatives. In this manner, they can shut down at least Devin Nunes and other conservative figures who have gotten way too close to the rotten core of what was the Obama presidency.

This is why Facebook is deleting hundreds of conservative pages after the entities behind the accounts had paid Facebook hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more. This is why Twitter will ban conservatives but won’t ban Louis Farrakhan after calling Jews termites. This is why Google is obviously slanting search results to prevent people finding conservative views on the internet.

They are throwing in the kitchen sink of censorship as we approach Election Day to do everything they can to prevent Republicans from maintaining control of both houses of Congress.

Think about it…what do they have to lose? It is almost a given that the Trump administration after November 6th will start some kind of regulatory or anti-trust action against the big tech monopolies, especially with the reported new attorney general coming online. The Mueller investigation will supposedly be winding down and they won’t have that vehicle at some point as a way to stop evidence coming out.

However, if they can win the House, and start the impeachment process against Trump, well then, Katy bar the door. There will be all kinds of undemocratic stuff going on and ways to hide the truth will be much easier. Trump and DOJ will also be tied down just trying to survive, and in their eyes, all will be good with the world.

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This is why this election is so important. The corrupt media, big tech, the ANTIFA brownshirts, the Soros cabal, will have all shot their wad at winning the midterms. If they lose, then maybe we have a shot at getting American all the way back. If not, then we sure are in a world of hurt.

Get out and vote. Conservative turnout is the only thing holding back the barbarians and Rome will for sure burn.

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