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Russia Sending More Military Trainers, Equipment To Central African Republic

Central African Republic-CIA WFB Map

As the Syrian Civil War winds down, Moscow is getting focused on Africa, for access to minerals and other commodities. The Kremlin announced Friday that Russia will be sending an additional 60 advisors and more equipment to the Central African Republic.

Moscow Signs Military Cooperation Agreement With Central African Republic

Russia donated hundreds of weapons and sent 175 trainers to CAR earlier this year to bolster the government’s fight against militia groups after receiving an exemption from a United Nations arms embargo.

According to diplomatic and security sources, many of the Russians in CAR are private security contractors and their remit has expanded into mediating negotiations among armed groups, securing mining projects and advising CAR’s president, reported Reuters.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called criticism of its efforts in Africa ‘jealousy’ and put out a statement, “We believe this kind of position to be counter-productive, particularly in the current context, when constructive cooperation of all international ‘players’ and not competition or ‘zero-sum games’ is urgently called for…With the knowledge of a relevant U.N. Security Council committee we are planning to send to CAR an additional 60 civilian instructors and the second part of military purpose products,” added Reuters.

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