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Trump Is Really Worried About American National Security

Trump Calls Putin To Congratulate Him On Election Win
Image by Kremlin.ru

Conservative circles and the talking heads have railed against the recent $1.3 trillion spending bill with good reason. It is a travesty of epic proportions and a gives the public a wide-eyed look at the swamp, where creatures are slithering before their very eyes on Capitol Hill. And yes, President Trump signed the bill, and he has taken the heat from the base, angry about America’s financial irresponsibility.

However, if you watch the president and how he operates, you realize he does nothing without a good reason. If you think about America’s situation geopolitically, the reason Trump Maximus signed the bill is quiet evident — he is worried about our national security, very worried.

Russia Conducts Military Drills In Crimea, Abkhazia

Due to the frankly treasonous policies of the Obama administration, which put Iran to be on a path to get nuclear weapons, allowed an Islamic caliphate to be set up in the Middle East, emboldened Russia (I can be more flexible after the election), and appeased North Korea, the world is a very dangerous place. America has to push back against the forces of evil arrayed against the Free World.

Mr. Trump realizes the most important role of the federal government, in fact the only role specifically outlined in the U.S. Constitution, is to ensure the republic’s security. The need for military spending is dire. This was the priority, not immigration, not reducing entitlement spending, not even stopping a few pork barrel projects of the corrupt Left.

No, the main priority, the one that if left unaccomplished will destroy us quickly, is providing for the national defense.

US Supports Establishment Of Military In Kosovo

Trump Maximus got what he knows America desperately needed.

Originally posted at The Washington Times

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