Khashoggi Affair Blow Back – Peace And A World Free Of Terror Are Also Human Rights

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The corrupt American media has already begun to try and paint President Trump into a corner over the Jamal Khashoggi affair. They seem to be delighted and filled with glee at seemingly having trapped the president in a lose/lose situation concerning the apparent death of the Saudi journalist. Demands to ‘punish’ the Saudis are rampant on the Trump-hating airways, hoping to destroy President Trump’s foreign policy that he has successfully built brick by brick in the Middle East.

Video: Every Public Event In Iran Turning Into Anti-Government Rally

Let us not forget, that the goal here is the national security of the United States of America. Yes, we have a moral requirement to denounce the murder of innocents, journalists, and those people who are harmed by tyrannical governments world wide. However, we do not, and should not, have to sacrifice the security of our families in order to do so.

The real evil in the Middle East and Central Asia is Iran. They are the murderous regime that is sponsoring terrorism all over the world. President Trump has revitalized relations with the Kingdom and has set up Saudi as a counterweight to the Mullahs in Tehran. The Saudis are working with our strongest ally in the region, Israel, to aid this effort.

This is really important.

The consequences of not containing, and even shutting down the terror factory of the Iranian regime are enormous. Their tentacles extend into Europe and into the United States. They must be marginalized.

Thank God Trump, John Bolton, and Secretary Pompeo see this, as opposed to the Obama sedition and treachery to prop up the real Islamic state, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In addition to Iran’s external threat to the world, its people are suffering greatly. This is a once proud civilization that could be free and democratic with the right nudge.

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In any event, the Trump administration should find a way to thread the needle of punishing the Saudi government for this heinous crime while continuing to confront the murderous Mullahs in the Middle East. The later should be the primary goal.

I have faith in Trump’s art of the deal.

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