Democrats Can Never Be Allowed To Get Power Again

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We came very, very close to losing the country. Hillary Clinton would have finished off the job of subverting the American founding. Everyone knows that.

The corruption and sedition that has followed the legitimate election of Donald John Trump to the American presidency has been shocking. However, there is a silver lining to all this commotion, screaming, lying, and colluding.

First of all, it will almost ensure POTUS will get re-elected. The middle of the country can see through what is going on. The legacy, corrupt media has lost its ability to influence the outcome of our political process. Even the big-tech companies have been exposed to be corrupt and ‘meddling’ in our elections. It wasn’t Russia, it was Google.

It’s Pretty Obvious By Now, Trump Is Facing A Coup

Why do you think a phenomenon like Alex Jones and Infowars is growing in spite of all the efforts to stop his message?

With the economy exploding, it would take an assassin’s bullet to stop Trump from serving another term.

Second of all, it has become painfully clear to most of the country that the so-called Democrats cannot be trusted with power, at least not while they are being dominated and controlled by the current Marxist fringe.

These people do not want to save, build America, or let her prosper. They want to destroy. The want to erase the founding morals and values of the country. As they say, hard work is racist. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is truth.

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: Time To Choose Between Our Judeo-Christian Past And Hi-Tech Paganism

They are simply Neo-Bolsheviks, the same kind that destroyed Russia for 100 years.

Lenin had no idea with what to replace the Russian nobility after they were massacred. Stalin decided why not kill 20 million more for good measure. Anyone who could farm, build things, or treat patients was murdered, destroyed, cut up in pieces, an their families along with them.


The current Democrats want nothing less for America.

We cannot let this happen.

No, there will be no blue wave in November. American patriots will rise to the occasion and vote.

We can not let this corrupt, murderous cabal back into power. They will destroy the country.

We know that now.

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