Russia Wants To Divide Us…Only The Left Is Helping Them…Who Is Colluding?

Image by United States Mission Geneva

Every responsible intelligence agency in the West has confirmed that agents of the Russian Federation are actively attempting to divide the United States along political, racial, and economic lines. The current administration has again confirmed as much just recently. The head of the FBI said so within the last few days while Speaking at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado.

When It Comes To Trump-Russia, Just The Facts Please

This truth therefore begs the question – who is helping the FSB divide the American population? President Trump has said multiple times publicly that it is time for Americans to unite for a common future. In spite of this, the Left, the Democratic Party, and their media enablers continue to shred the fabric of American life.

The constant scream from the Marxist minions of America that Trump is a Russian agent, that open borders are fine, that men can go into women’s bathrooms with minor females present, that Middle America doesn’t matter (their racist anyway), that nothing matters but your skin color (of course not merit and hard work), that the words he, or she, or girl, or boy, are bad, and that Trump supporters are just down right evil (I could go on forever here but you know what I mean), is doing the Kremlin’s bidding.

These People Have To Be Defeated

But of course the Left knows that.

They don’t want a common American future, because that would signal a common American culture, for the good of all our population. They don’t want this of course.

In this sense, the American Left are no longer Americans. They are some kind of mutant offspring that have morphed into something unrecognizable.

The only answer is to defeat their agenda and what they stand for.

Thankfully, POTUS is making great headway doing just that.

It is the Left, the Democratic Party, and the media that are dividing America – on purpose I might add.

They are the ones colluding with Russia for the downfall of this great country and everything it stands for.

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