The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: We Do Not Have The Power To Change The Laws Of Physics, Or Change Reality

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The United States of America is white and Christian. Israel is Jewish and Orthodox. The species Homo Sapiens, our species, like all mammals, has only two sexes, male and female. While the function of sexual and reproductive organs, like any other organs viewed from the perspective of an individual member of a species, varies on a scale ranging from totally dysfunctional to fully functional, sexual dysfunction in humans can be no more attributed to the existence of additional sexes or genders than it can be so attributed in any other species of mammals. Since the purpose of sexuality in mammals is reproduction via genetic mixing, and since the pleasure derived from sexual activity is only nature’s way to induce mammals, including humans, to expend the enormous physical (and in our case, mental) resources required for sexual intercourse, sexual activity that cannot lead to pregnancy is outside of the norm and is thus biologically dysfunctional.

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We humans, more so than any other species, possess the analytical ability to figure out what gives us pleasure and pursue it. We also pursue activities that give us power and status, often at a high cost to ourselves. The use of stimulants and mind altering substances like drugs and alcohol, the use of sex, hetero and homosexual alike, are all activities that give us pleasure and in some cases can lead to increased status in society. Shamans often use mind altering substances to enter into a trance that allows them to at least appear all knowing and powerful. Homosexual relations, especially between men and boys were often the norm in highly militarized societies from Sparta to Medieval Japan because they reinforced military hierarchy and gave sexual release to high-status males who often lived away from home and thus far from female company.

Throughout history and around the globe human societies have more often than not attempted to regulate activities that confer power, produce pleasure, or involve reproduction. These regulations, often in the form of taboos, moral judgments that claim to have divine origins, or simply legal and regulatory frameworks were and still are essential to the proper functioning of any human society. The reason for that is simple; humans, like all sexually reproducing animals, are programmed to take extreme risks and engage in utterly reckless behavior in pursuit of sexual pleasure or activities, like drugs and alcohol that simulate sexual pleasure. The males of many types of insects get devoured by their sexual partners immediately after intercourse. Male dogs who normally snooze on the couch 24/7 will run for miles at the slightest sniff of a bitch in heat. Men will endure Thanksgiving dinners with prospective in-laws, all for a chance to pass on their genetic material. Needless to say, none of this would ever happen had the prospect of engaging in the genetic transfer activity itself had not been so amazingly alluring.

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: We Do Not Have The Power To Change The Laws Of Physics, Or Change Reality
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Alas, we humans with our big frontal lobes can find many ways to increase and multiply our pleasurable activities in ways that have nothing to do with propagation of our species, but can lead to very deleterious results both for us as individuals and for our communities. No society can function with a population that is high or stoned or drunk. No society can long survive when non-reproductive sexual activities such as sex with prostitutes, homosexual sex, or casual sex outside of marriage become the norm rather than the exception. The empirical data in support of this claim is unambiguous and easy to find; no Western society today achieves or exceeds the average of 2.2 births per female necessary for the maintenance of populations at the current levels. The single exception is Israel, a country in which even the most westernized segments of the population far exceed the mark necessary for a sustainable population level. The difference, in this respect, between Israel and the other Western countries is not hard to find. While Israel is rife with prostitution, has cheap and readily available birth control, allows on-demand abortion, and in no way discriminates against homosexuals or attempts to stigmatize their lifestyle, the societal norm in Israel is still a heterosexual family with at least two and often more children. Departure from this norm does indeed carry societal (though in no sense legal) opprobrium and thus carries a hefty price tag.

We humans have many powers. Unlike any other species, we are masters of our own fate and we can consciously make the choice to become extinct. Maybe we will. However, even we do not have the power to change the laws of physics or change reality just because it does not suit our perception of how things should be. An alien landing in Dearborn, Michigan or in the Bronx would hardly come to the conclusion that America is white. Middle Eastern or Hispanic, would be the likely impressions. And yet, America is more than 77% white, which makes it very white indeed and not really “diverse” at all. American public holidays are Christian, as any non-Christian like myself living in America very well knows. Landing in the large Lower Galilee town of Shefar’am, our alien may conclude that Israel is an Arab country. His colleague, having a drink in one of Tel-Aviv’s many gay bars may conclude that Jewish Israelis are completely detached from Orthodox Judaism. And yet, both would be woefully mistaken. Israel is about as Jewish as America is white and the vast majority of Jewish Israelis, even the ones that eat plenty of shrimp and pork, circumcise their sons and install mezuzot (small packets with Scripture) on their doorjambs, and get married by rabbis under a huppah (traditional canopy). Intermarriage between Jews and Arabs in Israel is exceedingly rare and limited to socioeconomically marginalized populations, because Israeli Jews highly value both their ethnic and religious identities.

While the laws of nature are immutable, human morals as expressed through religious and legal dogma are ever-changing and it’s a good thing. This ability to revisit and revise our moral view of the universe allowed us to develop both morally and no less importantly scientifically and technologically. Western societies were the early leaders in adjusting religious dogma, not without resistance of course, to allow scientific inquiry. This adjustment led to incredibly HUMANE results such as drastic decreases in poverty and disease and the lack of further necessity for the kind of backbreaking physical labor most of us humans were slaves to throughout our existence as a species.

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: We Do Not Have The Power To Change The Laws Of Physics, Or Change Reality

The silicone economy of the past few decades poses a grave new challenge to our mechanisms of moral adjustment. The 19th and early 20th centuries’ industrial revolution, resting as it was on Renaissance science, posed moral challenges that revolved around the unprecedented concentration of capital in relatively few hands, concentration that was (and still is) essential to enabling the kind of technological advances our species is capable of. This concentration of capital resulted in large and growing inequality in incomes and lifestyles and gave birth to the nihilistically redistributionist, zero sum game, deadly ideologies of communism and socialism. The new revolution, the silicone one, exacerbated this trend, giving it a new and particularly insidious twist. For the first time in human history, it is becoming possible for humans to exist entirely in a virtual reality of their own choosing, not only ignoring the physical reality that surrounds them, but negating its very existence as “outdated”, “racist”, “sexist”, “misogynist”, etc.

Our liquid crystal displays allow us to ignore the majority of, for example, white and heterosexual people in our immediate PHYSICAL proximity, focusing instead on our virtual community of choice, be it homosexual, Hispanic, or African American. People who inhabit these virtual domains feel that it is possible to pass moral judgments on the laws of physics, on nature itself, as well as on the undeniable realities of money supply, population numbers and the like. This is a particularly dangerous phenomenon because, as we are now rapidly finding out, the virtual reality in which many of us reside is not, in contrast to the actual reality, governed by an impartial and immutable set of laws. Neither Newton’s laws, nor the Theory of General Relativity that updates them in the world of mechanics, nor Maxwell’s equations that govern electricity, nor Navier-Stokes equations that govern flow can pass judgment on our usage of the actual reality that they govern. Not so with virtual reality. Whatever our portal of choice to access that “reality”, it is governed by fellow humans, even if through vanity and plastic surgery they no longer look like ones. The likes of Bezos, and Zuckerberg, and Jack Dorsey, and Larry Page, and Bill Gates, the creators of our virtual reality world are not in the least shy about imposing on it their own morality and set of rules; morality and rules that are as mercurial as the larger than life personalities of these megalomaniacal geniuses.

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The rules are ever changing, but the goal is not. Control. These masters of our virtual universe are hell-bent on controlling not only our working hours as their heavy industry predecessors did, but our EVERY hour. Not only our actions, but our words and even our THOUGHTS. To accomplish this task, they are pushing us ever further away from the real world and into their “Matrix” virtual world. As any drill sergeant will tell you, the path to building a fighting machine out of a spoiled teenager lies in creating a cognitive dissonance, divorcing the recruit from what he or she had thereto perceived as reality. You think that after a twenty kilometer run with stretchers and full battle gear you will finally get a couple of hours of sleep? Think again, this is not a hiking trip with your parents. Soon as you are in your sleeping bag, explosions, sirens, and you’re back out, not having slept in 24 hours with full gear in the pouring rain.

Through unchecked migration from the most technologically backward countries with its associated violent crime and socioeconomic stress, through constant assault on traditional values, especially when it comes to the role of sexuality and family in human life, through the demolition of education in the humanities and its replacement with “progressive” propaganda, the silicone Masters are disassociating an entire generation of Westerners from the actual physical reality that surrounds them. It is because of this disassociation that the undeniably true statements at the beginning of this column appear to many young people today as not only false, but repulsive and even dangerous. When confronted with the fact that these are indeed realities that immutably exist in the real world, a violent reaction often ensues.

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: We Do Not Have The Power To Change The Laws Of Physics, Or Change Reality
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Phase I of the technological revolution in human affairs known as the Industrial Revolution, replaced the old nobility and landowners in the mold of Washington and Jefferson with innovative businessmen like the Melons and the Carnegies. Though cut from a different cloth, the latter shared many of the values of the former. Both firmly believed that human rights came from the Divine and that empowered individuals, acting in a moral universe as defined by the Judeo-Christian traditions of the Bible were the foundations of any advanced and prosperous society. The techno-oligarchs of today see humans as “human capital”, a rather high-cost and low-yield type of machinery whose only purpose is to be made to operate as efficiently as possible until such time as it can be replaced by lower-cost higher-yield automation. Because of that, for the first time in human history, our elites pose a deadly threat to the very existence of the human race as a collection of free individuals exercising their free will in a moral universe founded on the laws of physics rather than the laws of men. These elites must be fought and they must be defeated. Now is the time.

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