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The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: Motherhood And Western Fascist Feminism

Motherhood And Western Fascist

Are the words “woman” and “mother” synonyms? Do they mean the same thing? A hundred years ago, no matter who you asked, which resident of this planet of ours, young or old, male or female, in Japan or in Java, in Boston or in Moscow, the answer would have been an “of course!” with a bewildered look; only a dimwit would ask such an obvious question. Today, in many parts of the world including our own even asking the question can get you branded a misogynist with all the adverse consequences one may imagine to befall someone so horribly and indelibly branded.

Quite a change, isn’t it? Motherhood and apple pie are, as we’re finding out, not American after all. In fact in today’s America motherhood is synonymous with slavery rather than womanhood and apple pie with disease rather than happiness. Motherhood implies straight sex and if motherhood is a good thing, than straight sex is better than any other sex, a point of view for which in many places one can very quickly become as employable as a Soviet “refusnik” circa 1973. When my parents applied for permission to leave the USSR for Israel in that same year, their fervent hope was not to be refused, not to become “refusniks”, because that would have condemned them to a lifetime of unemployability and altogether ostracism, fates that are certain to befall any American who dares to publicly state that being straight is a preferred trope of human sexual behavior. Of course, in many European countries jail time is not out of the question for such heresy. After all Galileo was jailed for stating the obvious fact that the earth revolved around the sun, so Europeans have a long tradition of persecuting people for their beliefs, no matter how well-grounded in science and common sense.

Motherhood implies a different, preferential treatment for women. They have to be given time off work when the baby is sick; they cannot go drinking with clients when the latest extended day kindergarten pickup time is 5 PM. Accommodations have to be made. Careers may suffer. And for what? Another mouth to feed? Adding more greenhouse emissions to an already dying atmosphere? And aren’t women supposed to be as sexually hungry as men are? Aren’t they supposed to be out getting drunk and hooking up? Kind of hard to do with a toddler at home, wouldn’t you think? No, motherhood is modern-day slavery, that’s for damn sure.

Motherhood And Western Fascist

But when did this change happen and what are its consequences? Interestingly and not at all coincidentally, the negation of the womanhood is motherhood equation coincides with the statist wave of early 20th century. I could have easily said “the fascist wave” because fascism literally means statism. Fasces (amusingly, from the same Indo-European root as “faggot”, a bundle of wood) was a Roman symbol of statehood. A bundle of tightly bound sticks was carried into the Senate chamber ahead of the arriving consul, symbolizing the unity of the state and the indisputable fact that people who are united are stronger than people who are not, just as a bundle of sticks is harder to break than each of its constituent members. The bundle of arrows in the claw of the American Eagle and the E Pluribus Unum moto both refer back to that ancient Roman idea. Hence, fascism is simply an ideology that overweighs the bundle at the expense of the individual stick. The American Founding Fathers, well-aware as they were of ancient Roman history, spent nearly all of their efforts of framing the constitution in carefully balancing the undeniable strengths of the faggot with the inalienable rights of the individual stick. In striking that balance in favor of the individual, in treating the fasces as one would treat a hotly burning blaze, both essential and deadly, late 18th century American intellectuals were the original anti-fascists; something we would all be well-advised to ponder as modern-day Antifa fascists attack their likenesses in our public squares.

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A hundred years after the anti-fascist American Revolution, a reaction appeared in Europe led by a converted Jew by the name of Karl Marx. Marx believed that by empowering the individual, it was made inevitable that a few individuals would win and keep winning at the expense of the vast majority of their brethren and this can only be corrected by the losers joining forces and forming a class-based faggot that would be able to resist the overwhelming force of the individual winners. This thinking is at the foundation of all the big “isms” of the 20th century, communism, fascism, and socialism.

Motherhood And Western Fascist

Unfortunately, fascist ideology did not skip over America and the American Constitution proved to be only a partial bulwark against faggot-based thinking. Under presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt, America saw a vast expansion of the federal government at the expense of state and local governments and most of all at the expense of the rights of individual Americans. This trend has continued unabated for over a hundred years and Trump’s election notwithstanding, has yet to show any signs of slowing down. And yet, the Founding Fathers, through that “charter of negative liberties” as the leading 21st century fascist Barack Obama dubbed the US Constitution, have fought valiantly and are fighting still to preserve our individual liberties. It is due to that fight, to the Founding Fathers’ eternal genius of putting in place individual protections such as the Bill of Rights and the Electoral College, that America was spared the mass murder and utter devastation visited upon both Europe and Asia by Marxist fascism.

Traditional societies are patriarchal societies. From America to Europe, from China to India, civilization is synonymous with patriarchy. Patriarchy is a bargain; a deal struck between the two halves of the human race – men and women. Men agree to put themselves at great physical peril to protect women and children. Women agree to step back from participating in decisions that affect how and to what extent men do so. In patriarchal societies womanhood and motherhood are both identical and exalted. Women are placed on pedestals and defended at all costs, as are their children. Not all women; those who choose or are forced to choose a life on the other side, the side of catering to men’s base desires rather than the noble toil of raising children, are, in modern parlance, commoditized. Their services are monetized, their assets transient. Eve and Lilith are both female; both are a part of the human story, but only one is exalted and protected; the other briefly desired and quickly discarded.

Motherhood And Western Fascist
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Feminism is the bastard child of fascism. It is the inevitable breaking of one of the grand bargains of the patriarchy; the bargain between fathers and mothers. Once the other bargain, the one between the strong and the weak, the brave and the not so brave, the leaders and the followers is broken, once jealousy and greed provide fertile ground for mobs of losers eager to be taken advantage of by mountebanks the likes of Bernie Sanders, Vladimir Lenin, or Adolf Hitler, the social compact between men and women cannot hold. The American Suffragette movement coincided with the rise of Bolshevism in Russia.

The 19th Amendment was adopted just as the Bolsheviks took control after winning their civil war. Ten years later, the German National Socialists were parading German girls in the same shorts and tank tops as German boys as paradigms of Arian perfection. Bolsheviks had plenty of women in leadership positions. After they came to power, Russian women were supposed to toil alongside men. They were supposed to become and many had become doctors and engineers. They were supposed to provide sexual services freely and free of charge to their male comrades. They were supposed to enjoy it just as much as the men. In fact in the early days of Bolshevik rule, a hardworking communist could bring his female coworker up on charges before the local communist party committee if she had unreasonably refused to have sex with him. Contraceptives (such as they were) and abortions were (and still are) provided on demand and free of charge. In true fascist fashion abortions were called “cleanouts” as if unborn babies were nothing but filth.

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A hundred years later, Russia is in the grips of a monumental demographic crisis, the result of a centennial war on mothers, babies, and motherhood itself. Russian women, deprived of any moral compass and taught from early childhood to exploit their transient assets to maximum capacity, are crowding the brothels of Tokyo, Tel-Aviv, and Macau, rather than the maternity wards of Moscow and Saint Petersburgh. Of all the bullets that the Russian Bolshevik fascists fired at the heart of their homeland, none were as lethal to Russia as the bullet they fired at Russian motherhood. It may very well pass that it would be the irreversible transformation of Russian women from mothers to prostitutes, from Eves to Liliths that will put the final nail in the coffin of Russian greatness.

Motherhood And Western Fascist

In Western Europe with its fascist-socialist past and present, in communist China, in modern Japan, based as it is on ideals forced on it by Harvard-educated socialist statists after its defeat in WWII, women are refusing to be mothers. Birthrates are nowhere near the 2.1 births per woman average that is needed to sustain populations at current levels. In coastal liberal socialist America not only is motherhood maligned as an aberration, open warfare had just broken out between the sexes. When sex is divorced from its function as the guarantor of the survival of one’s tribe, when all women are sexual objects rather than sainted mothers, when you look at your female coworker and see a human being that will never become anyone’s pauvre maman or mamma mia or mommy dearest, it is only her ability to hit you back that stops you from addressing her in the manner normally reserved for sex workers, if you are THAT kind of guy, that is.

Islamic world is radicalizing precisely in response to Western fascist feminism. Burkas in the streets are a reaction to camel toes in the office. One perversion begets the other. Ying and Yang are at war. So who will win? Is motherhood incompatible with modernity and if it is, does modernity spell the doom of the human race at least as we have known it in the centuries since the Enlightenment? Luckily, there is another way; a middle way between fascist feminism and the enslavement of women as nothing but reproductive organs. While the mamans and the mammas may be a thing of the past, the Jewish Mother, the Yiddische Mame, still lives and thrives in the ultra-modern startup nation of Israel. In Israel, women have three babies while getting their doctoral degrees in computer science. Among the women taking the bar exam, most are mothers to young children. Google and Microsoft have daycare centers on the premises of their development facilities in Haifa and Hertzeliyah. Abortions are legal, but socially unacceptable, except in certain circumstances. Motherhood is the only viable choice for most women. Children are universally adored. Family is king. Yes, Israel has its fascist feminists. They make a lot of noise, but no one is listening. Husbands are too busy changing diapers while wives are popping frozen schnitzels into the oven. Who has time to fight when there are bedtime stories to be read?

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