Opinion: The Boy Scouts Of America’s War On Boys

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This may sound cheesy to some, but to me as a very young teenager, I remember it being a very big deal. It was towards the end of Boy Scout summer camp in the marshlands off Savannah, Ga. The event I’m speaking of was the ‘ordeal’ for the Order of the Arrow, a rite-of-passage of sorts.

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Towards the end of the camp week, we sat around the campfire deep into the night and discussed what it meant to be a man. The drums beat and the massive flames licked the dark sky, probably twenty boys in all and our adult leaders.

Then, unexpectedly, someone came from behind and placed a blindfold around my eyes, stood me up, and led me quietly out into the forest. After walking for some time, being led from behind, I was placed on the ground. I didn’t know where I was but knew they would come and get me in the morning. Everything was done in complete silence of course.
I was young, alone, and a scared. However, as I took off the blindfold and looked up through a hole in the trees and saw the bright stars looking down on me, I realized, I could do this.

I didn’t sleep much that night as the noises of the forest were all around me. However, as dawn broke over the horizon, I had changed in no small way. I was closer to being a man.

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Boy Scouts meant something to me. It was camaraderie with other boys and men. It was a time you could do things without girls around.

The decision by the Boy Scouts of America to admit girls is vile. It represents nothing less than the destruction of an organization that has helped millions of boys throughout the last century. Lord Baden-Powell must be turning over in his grave. Leftists will stop at nothing to destroy the culture of America.

The BSA submitting to the feminist, culturally Marxist agenda is sickening. How are you going to do the same type of ceremony with girls among the boys? The possibility for sexual exploitation is too great to do this type of thing. The leaders of the BSA must care only about money and their jobs, not the basic values and tenets of helping boys become men and future leaders of our country.

If the Girl Scouts don’t provide what girls need, then fix the Girl Scouts, don’t destroy the Boy Scouts to appease leftist lawyers and neo-Bolsheviks.

I am extremely saddened by this development as future boys will not get the same type of experience I had the good fortune to enjoy. This is a dark day for our country, one that will have consequences down the road.
Scouting taught me many things that still are with me today. I hope this decision can be stopped in its tracks.

If you feel as I do, please make your rage known to the Boy Scouts of America. Their phone number is 972-580-2000.

Originally posted at The Washington Times

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