I’m Sorry Dems, Russia Is Not The Main Threat

Some thoughts on the ‘Russian Scare’ as the Democrats continue to push this fake narrative that Russia is an existential threat to the United States, and ignoring, enabling, and even supporting China’s bid to dominate America.

1. China has militarized one of the most important international shipping lanes in the world, threatening world trade, and free navigation of the seas. Russia has not.

2. China has stolen truckloads of military technology, and federal information, by a sophisticated cyber warfare arm, including the download of most federal employee’s private data. Russia has posted a hundred grand worth of Facebook ads in addition to other cyber crimes. Although, I’m sure it is possible, there is no public information that Russia has committed such cyber crimes as the Chicoms.

3. China has infiltrated our universities and now can boast of 300,000 students in American institutions of higher learning, most sending info back to China. China has stood up ‘Confucius Institutes’ in over 100 American universities, which dictate university policy. Russia has not.

4. China is rapidly building a ‘near peer’ conventional military, possibly capable of confronting American forces in the Pacific. Russia does not have this capability, although they are the largest nuclear power in the world. Short of the apocalypse, nuclear weapons can’t be used.

Alex Jones Is Right – China Is The Threat, And It May Be Too Late

5. China has evaporated American manufacturing through a strategy of currency devaluation and cheating on trade agreements, technology and intellectual property theft. Russia also cheats on agreements but is no economic threat to the United States. China is.

6. China has over one million of its own citizens in ‘re-eduction’ camps. Russia does not.

7. China is still full-on communist. Russia is not. In many ways, Russia is more capitalistic than the U.S., with little welfare and a low flat-rate tax, although corruption is rampant. Russia is a adversary that will always act in its own interests. China is a communist, global threat on the rise.

These are just a few thoughts that come to mind on a Sunday night. I’m sure I can think of many more tomorrow.

China, Russia, Iran Engaged In Aggressive Economic Cyber Spying

The bottom line is – Russia is an adversary that behaves badly. China is an existential threat to America. Russia is not.

Enough said.

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