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Opinion: Of Course Russia Hacked DNC, But That’s Not The Issue, Now Is It?

FSB MoscowI’m amused at the ‘secret’ CIA report that has been recently released across all the mainstream media in the US, at exactly the same time, in an attempt to delegitimize the Trump presidency. This also occurred at the same time President Obama ordered a ‘review’ of the election with regard to foreign influence. Somehow I think another ‘secret’ report will come out before Obama leaves office confirming it was the Russians.

They just can’t help themselves. They still think the American people are stupid, that they will fall for these charades. Obama looks desperate. Soros and his evil minions look desperate. Hillary, I’m sure, is still throwing things.

Let’s take a logical look at the hacking situation. Of course, Russia attempts to hack our systems constantly. They can be counted on to do what is in their national interest. We do the same. Ever heard of the National Security Agency? Hillary Clinton was involved in attempting to influence Russia’s election earlier in the decade. That’s one reason Putin was active in ours. Payback is a bitch.

But there is a larger issue. The reason Russia, or whoever released the Wikileaks information, was so effective in damaging the Democratic Party, is that they are, and were, corrupt through and through. It was Hillary who took millions from foreign governments in exchange for influencing American foreign policy. It was Hillary that gave Russia 20% of our uranium for money. It was Obama who has sold out America to the Chinese and the globalist cabal. It was the DNC that was unfair to Bernie Sanders in the primary process. It was the Hillary campaign that was coordinating behind the scenes with the mainstream media. It was the globalist, corporate media that was in the tank for the Democratic Party against Trump.

In short, Hillary, Obama, and the DNC are corrupt. All Russia did was expose it. If they were not corrupt, there would be nothing to disclose, hacking or not. As Putin said, “We did a public service.”

I’m not in favor of foreign influence in our elections. However, this cycle, the Democrats are crying wolf loudly in hopes we take our eyes off the real problem, the largest organized crime syndicate in the world, the Democratic Party.

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